My Weird Surreal Sixties Book – Part 2 Chapter 3 – Something of Nothing

With characters nothing, something and eternity my younger self set out to explore infinity with a spot of humour thrown in for good luck. A mystical poetic adventure of reality


Today was Wednesday

It was decided somewhere.

For why?


This proved extremely inconvenient

For all the parts that did not care

That now had to.

All of it did not care one way or another.


Boredom set in and created dissatisfaction.

Within this state of being

Or non-being,

A search was initiated

To give purpose to life

Or the state of non-being that passed as consciousness.


A being was created from components of something

With nothing.

He was given some time and space –

Just a little.

He was set a task

And given power

To find out what he wanted

And why.


The being decided to take on the task

And not just pretend.

At least that was the impression that was given.


The question it set for itself

Or had set for it –

Depending on your viewpoint –

Or simply wasn’t interested in –

Which was another view –

‘Was there another something in the Nothing?

Or was there simply nothing in the nothing?’


It interpreted this –

‘If there was something else then it is proof that I am real and exist.’

If there was – then how many somethings?

And could one ever be sure that there weren’t more beyond that?

It was a worry.


‘I am the greatest – the biggest and the best!’

He boasted.

‘Did I just dream it all?’

He asked in aeons of doubt.

‘Do I dream at all?’

He wondered.

‘Do you dream my dreams?’


To find out the answers to these and the many other questions that were written on the vacuum of the breeze, the being, who shall be nameless, and called someone, began to scientifically investigate infinity using finity as a tool – a long job.


He had the advantage of being infinite himself

But had never been told

So he never knew.

There was no other something to tell him

And nothing did not let on.


So someone divided into two every split second

And travelled out at the speed of light

With strict instructions

To report back

If something else was found.


Nearly fourteen billion years went by

In the blink of an eye

As a big patch of nothing was explored badly.

Still everything hung on

Waiting for an answer,

Placing bets,

Believing desperately

That nothing was not all that really existed

And that something was not an accident.


Nothing worried too.

For without something not even nothing existed.

Belief was all that stopped something being nothing

Or nothing something.

But for how long is forever?

When will we know?

There is still more than most that requires exploring.

Still just as much.

No truth in sight.

Not even a set of fundamentals.


We are anxious.

Did we send him out with enough senses

To recognise something if he saw it?

Would he detect different types of matter?

Energies or dimensions?

Perhaps the quest is futile?

What a worry for eternity!


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