Trump has been on tape countless times. The hunt is on to track it all down. – The Washington Post

If you don’t like the abuse of women this should be enough to make you incandescent. A serial abuser?


The “Access Hollywood” and Howard Stern tapes have inspired a search for more damning video.

Source: Trump has been on tape countless times. The hunt is on to track it all down. – The Washington Post

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30 thoughts on “Trump has been on tape countless times. The hunt is on to track it all down. – The Washington Post

  1. So he did stuff that isn’t considered to be wholly puritanical by the gossip-minded, toy-brainer, never-had-a-lifer’s.
    These women surely must have appeared on the cat walks dressed in next to nothing under gun threat. They must have been cavorting around at these pool parties, too, under gun threat.
    Perish the thought that they did it for fame, attention or worse – money! No way, that just could never be the case!

    He’s a 100% full-on straight red-blooded guy.
    Wow! How terribly non p.c. The LGBT”s and the wooly liberals would be shocked and thoroughly upset by all these “secret life” revelations.

    There’s only one problem with all this stuff – he did this when he was a citizen.
    None of which is in any way illegal activity.

    Is running cocaine cartels and pimp rackets legal?

    1. No Andrew – he abused his position and power to abuse girls. I think DLT got locked up for doing a lot less than that. This isn’t normal behaviour.
      Neither do I, or my friends, go talking about women in such a degrading and smutty manner.
      You don’t go around grabbing girl’s pussies. That is not being red-blodded male – that is being abusive.
      I’m sure you don’t go into a place and start groping women. I sure don’t.
      Grabbing girls is illegal. He, and Saville, got away with it because of his power and position.
      You’re excusing the inexcusable.

      1. Excuse me Opher, I refer you back to one of your own books where you and a girlfriend – both of you were children – pulled down the pants of this little girl’s younger sister to look at “her p…y” in today’s terms was it not “sexual assault”, I was shocked. Was the book not true only you state it was. I have read so many of your books Opher and they made me blush. “Grabbing girls is illegal” nowaccording to you, you are lucky it was not all those years ago.

        I find it so hard to believe you have not touched up/groped a girl or woman in your time, lack of memory perhaps. I don’t think there was a day in the office where I worked where I did not have one of the men brush up against my breasts or stand too close behind me, or have their hands find their way under the dress to the thigh, or touch the backside. It was men. Now these days a woman complains if a door is opened for her.

        Tom hanks, in an interview about Trump was asked “as a man are you insulted by what Trump said to women” – Hanks answer “No I am not”. Asked “as a Father of a Daughter are you insulted by what Trump said about women”, Hanks answer “No I am not”. He went onto say how “its men its what they do”.

        I take it that in correctly stating Trump abused his position if he assaulted girls. The the same could be said for Clinton when he sexually assaulted girls, asked for ( I don’t like saying this term but will) “Blow Jobs”, left his seman on that famous dress not the first time or first woman/girl of course. Raped. This all in the Governor’s Office and better still The White House. Or with him is it “good old Bill”. If you “tar and feather one, make sure you do it to the other as well.

        I am not “having a go at you” or being abusive, its just that you appear to have a convenient memory Opher. Americans will make the decision Trump/Clinton not you, but the Americans.

      2. No Anna – I didn’t do that. The sister did that. It was the sort of playing around thing that went on – not assault.
        There is a big difference to consensual groping and nonconsensual. I have never condoned nonconsensual groping. Consensual sex is one thing – sex is fune – assault is another.

      3. Clinton certainly abused his power to take advantage of women but I have never heard him accused of raping them. I believe consent was given.

      4. Don’t even go near Saville – he was a necrophiliac.

        Can we have some level of rationality here?
        All this scurrilous conjecture makes you out to be just like Mary Whitehouse.
        She that said “that was the dirtiest programme I’ve ever seen!”
        Yes – you are being that ridiculous.

      5. Don’t be silly. I’m not against sex – far from it! I’m no Mary Whitehouse prude. I’m not after censorship. I want sex out in the open, healthy and free. Fine.
        What I’m utterly against in nonconsensual sex, rape, misogyny, sexual abuse and people who misuse their position to abuse.
        Clinton and Trump were, like many before them, abusers of their position. I don’t think they raped but they have both abused their power to abuse women.
        Don’t come out with daft stuff comparing me to some stupid prude.
        You might condone groping women (without permission) I don’t.

  2. You really are something else Opher “I didn’t do it the sister did that. It was a sort of playing around thing that went on – not assault” Not assault then but now it would be. You encouraged each other you wanted to see “her” and don’t lie. Do you have any idea what that did to that little girl having her pants pulled down so that you and that sister of hers could look at the little girl’s private parts and snigger and make jokes no doubt. Do you have any idea how it may well still go through that woman’s mind No doubt you will have a cover up answer for that. How many more tales do you want me to repeat what you did with girls, from your books. All men say things about women to what degree is another thing. Double standards.

    You never heard of Clinton being accused of Rape. Come off it. Did you see the Second Debate if you did then you saw the anger in Clinton’s face, the fear in Clinton’s face. Some rows back from him sat four or five women all had been sexually assaulted by him, (either in the Governor’s Office or the White House) one Raped and when H Clinton was told of the rape she ridiculed the woman, to her face. That woman consented to rape did she. Have you any idea how not just women but men are destroyed by being raped, either as children or adults. They have to live with what was done for a lifetime it never ever goes away. Just like sexual assault you never forget those f…..g hands those fingers that creep along your body, the look in the eyes the words spoken, FORGET NO that NEVER HAPPENS.

    1. No Anna – I did not encourage her. You are putting your imagination to work. I never asked for it. It just happened. I did not incite or encourage. It was two sisters showing off. You read far too much into it.
      You will never find any nonconsensual sex in my books. Because I do not ever condone that. I have no problem with sex but I do with abuse.

    2. As I said – I am familiar with Clinton’s sexual habits – I consider that to be an abuse of his position but I am not aware that he committed rape. I think that is you interpreting what happened. As far as I know the women consented, but he used his power wrongly.

      1. You’re only familiar with what they’ve told you.
        He had a life before his presidency and he was some guy.

      2. I’ve heard – allegedly trafficking prostitutes, losing fortunes, leering at Miss Teen World candidates, racially selecting employees – quite a guy.

  3. So if that’s the case – why make compare to Saville the necrophiliac?
    Or can’t you find any difference?
    Let’s be clear – you can intimate all you like, but what is the case surely, is innocence before being proven guilty. That’s something you have strong beliefs in, right?
    So why the sudden drop/lack of said standards in this case – or is it just blind hatred towards Trump. No matter what, he’s guilty? He’s guilty because they said he is?
    I really do detest mob mentality. It is so ignorant.
    To me, that is the very essence of The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

    1. So you chose to believe that Trump does not grope girls without consent – perhaps he wasn’t involved with the Miss Teen America stuff either or his company supplying pretty Eastern European girls to millionaire clients.
      I heard what he said and he admitted what he did. I didn’t like it. I don’t go around grabbing girls’ pussies and bragging about it.
      You support him all you like. I think the guy’s a creep.
      Mary Whitehouse – give me a break.

      1. Yes, so he did. And?
        Did anybody die?

        Isn’t it time you woke up to what happens in life outside of the local Labour community hall?
        Is it really all that shocking?
        This kind of activity is pretty normal in many sectors of business. Where there’s flash there’s flesh as they say.
        But you try and stop these women getting involved and you will fail miserably. They want to be there and they want to be doing what they are doing.
        You’d may well find yourself be pitied whilst sitting in the corner with a half of bitter and a poetry book in the midst of this kind of thing – that happens all the time and has done done since time and eternity.
        It just so happens this sort of stuff is a million miles from your life and all you can do really is one of two things.
        Be glad you weren’t ever involved in such a thing or simply get over it.
        I don’t think you’d be cut out for it anyway.
        It takes a certain type of person to be so gregarious.
        Some women like that, some don’t.

        I’ve seen it all countless times in hotel suites – or suites of suites as the case maybe. These guys and their drop-in women could not care less what anybody thinks.
        They’d laugh you out the room whilst blowing cocaine in your face.

        I even saw it in a ballroom of some lousy hotel one night in Brooklyn, NY. My Brooklyn friends – all young women took me specially to see this just for our entertainment.
        On the dance floor, these older 45+ women, a mix a white, Latin and black would dance with their room key in their hand for all to see. Every 15 minutes or so they’d remove an article of clothing. At the point of underwear being revealed the dance floor was heaving – everybody had a partner.
        That’s as far as it went but there were hands all over the place.
        You’d have hated it.

      2. I’m sorry you think this is all OK. I think I’ve seen enough of that behaviour in the Rock world to know what goes on. If women want to consent to being used as playthings that is up to them. You obviously don’t have a lot of respect for them or anyone else come to that. My beef is with the abuse of girls who don’t consent.

  4. What I think is neither here nor there and it’s certainly not my business to tell other people how to behave or what level of morals they should have. My horse isn’t that high. Your’s obviously is – at a perilous great height.
    Your “Rock world” ended sometime 1974. That’s 42 years ago. Elvis died at 42. Which indicates your memories are long ago back in the midst of another time.
    Who are you to comment on what you think my level of respect for them is?
    Put it this way – you put yourself out of action at a very early age by getting married to probably the first serious girlfriend you ever had.
    I didn’t.
    I’ve been privy to stuff you could only imagine – but with a lot of help – could only imagine.
    Nobody got hurt, nobody who didn’t want to be there was forced to be. Sometimes all attendees couldn’t all get in. Parties were just too busy.
    As I said – you really don’t understand some women – at all.

    You said:
    “You obviously don’t have a lot of respect for them or anyone else come to that.”
    Or anyone else? Seriously?
    Aren’t you coming off here looking somewhat prudish, all presbyterian “wee free church” like, banging his bible down on a Sunday, like something out of Dickens.
    It’s that Mary Whitehouse Experience again – it’s just too deep seated within you.

    I’ll say this though – nobody was ever underage and if Trump was messing with underage girls then that’s his lookout. But generally with these pageant things girls have to be of a certain age to be there. Minors are not allowed to enter into such things.

    1. What do you mean – my involvement with the Rock world ended in 1972? What rubbish. I’m still backstage at gigs now and have promoters for friends.
      I don’t tell people how to behave – where did you get that from? I have very liberal views. What consenting adults do is up to them but I draw the line at minors, rape or groping women without consent. Prudish? You have a strange view of prudish I must say.
      No – from my perspective you seem perfectly willing to defend Trump at all costs and gloss over all his failings.
      I think he’s arrogant rick kid who tramples over all and sundry, a loud mouth who hasn’t a clue.
      But time will tell.
      I think he’s blown it anyway. We’ll see what the election brings.
      And this farce is democracy in action? I think not.

      1. I said 1974, not 72.
        Now seriously, what kind of Rock bands? Thin Lizzy and Status Quo, party animal people or let’s say something a bit more sedate? Knowing your tastes, it would definitely not be Thin Lizzy, right?
        Given that I read your book, there’s a chapter in there that clearly states you were out of the loop for years following your move to Hull etc, I needn’t go into all the details you described. That wouldn’t be fair.
        Anyway, I’m sure you’re aware that there’s a heck of a difference between backstage and hotel suites.
        I’ve only ever seen consumption of drugs backstage – and that includes The Who, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and a few lesser mortals at the Glasgow Apollo. I didn’t see a jot of any girly stuff. I should include PIL, but that was in Newcastle.
        Very affable bloke is Mr Lydon. Loves money and drugs in that order. All he talked about was how much he was making in the USA (1983). He didn’t talk to his support band, he talked at them, lording it over them. Very funny.

        Now imagine the hotel suites. This is what I was witness to for years and years, band after band. I never paid for a ticket to hardly any big decent gigs as I simply told the promoter at the reception upon check in that I can “be of some assistance” nudge-nudge, if he gives me 2 gratis tickets – me and the bird. Never a problem and they always took me up. Plus the fact they contributed to my liquor sales annual bonus quaffing all that booze and champagne.

        I would prefer to wait for the official verdict on Trump in relation to all these accusations. I would be more comfortable in establishing the true facts first. We’ve seen loose accusations being bandied about by unscrupulous individuals, organisations, whatever, way too many times, haven’t we? In fact enough times to know better than commit to knee-jerk reaction. Mr Roy Harper is a case in mind.

        But you go ahead, scream blue murder. Be my guest.
        Well actually a friend of mine was on the UK version of The Apprentice – as a professional who had to sit in a board room and listen to 2 contestants sales pitch. A 2 minute segment took 4 hours to film and tempers were flying in all directions with total frustration at all this. He was the guy that nearly fell off his chair upon being told that it will cost the hotel £1.18 for every bread roll.
        So, I can readily imagine a guy like Trump really losing it with these TV jerks.
        Again there’s at least 2 sides to every story.
        Your thought are evidently very easily coloured aren’t they?

        Tartan paint – B&Q ring any bells?

      2. That’s true I was largely out of the loop for a number of years with no car, living in Hull and kids to look after. But I got back out there again. My experience backstage has been with some of the more outlandish. The Who and Zep were quite wild. Moon was great fun. The more recent ones, as with Roy, Wakeman and CSNY, Wilko Johnson, Stiff Little Fingers, Buzzcocks, Blockheads are much more sedate. Things seem to have got more professional these days. I never got to see Thin Lizzy but I would have liked that.
        I’m not doing knee-jerk reactions. I build my judgement from observations, listening and reading. I don’t like him. Simple as that. Some people you like and some you don’t. I’m more visceral that you. I work very much on gut feeling. t interviews I would walk a group of six round and by the time we got them back I’d have sorted them in order. They would them go through an extensive two day gruelling of interviews and performances and the panel would come back with the same result I had walking them round.
        With Trump if it was the odd thing I would take it with a pinch of salt – I haven’t heard him say anything I like yet. The more I hear the more it reinforces my original opinion.

    2. Here you are – this is the kind of stuff that colours my thoughts on the incompetent prat and serial misogynist that I believe Trump to be:
      CineMontage Magazine (the journal of the union representing Motion Picture Editors)published interviews with the TV editors who worked on the original seasons on the NBC show The Apprentice (2004-07) reported that the image of its star, Donald Trump, was carefully crafted and manufactured in post-production to feature a persona of success, leadership and glamour, despite the otageraw fo of the reality star that was often “a disaster.”
      After last Friday’s release of controversial outtake footage from a 2005 episode of the entertainment series Access Hollywood, intense media speculation is currently swirling about what additional revealing audio and video could exist — including raw footage from The Apprentice tapes. The show’s producer Bill Pruitt tweeted on Saturday: “As Producer on Season 1 & 2 of #theapprentice, I assure you: When it comes to the #trumptapes, there are far worse. #justthebeginning”

      1. It most probably is all true. But having met some of these “screaming queens” TV bods, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take this opportunity to cast aspersions. Trump represents the antithesis of them!

        Of course I know all about Trump’s state of affairs. It galls me as much as the next guy. But I look at it this way, as we say here “only in America” as a kind of acceptance that really anything goes there. He’s an extreme case though.
        Whereas Clinton, whom I’ve little time for due to her hard-boiled fully paid up membership of USA’s elite inner sanctum – their equivalent to the Tory elite no less – your nemesis no less – has already had a shot at senior leadership and failed miserably. Her tenure as Secretary of State achieved very little for yer average Yank, therefore, why waste valuable time giving her another shot?
        She’s soon to be up for some inquisition herself as she’s been called to court to finally answer questions of her email leaks where she chose to ignore official policy with official documents. Which proves her to be also some kind of gung-ho maverick. She’s just as much a pompous ass than he is.
        Not only that, with also a severe dislike to just as many segments of society as Trump harbours.

        That’s my basic beef. I see no good reason to choose sides where faults lie in abundance. I simply put Trump up because nobody else does – but he has some fine talents.
        He’s not a pro-politician either. He’s obviously not scared to tell it how it is – some matters which America can clearly no longer hide from. I like that aspect.
        You’d never guess looking at Obama’s fixed expression that the US is 30+ trillion in debt. Trump wants to fix this rather than continue foreign policy. Foreign policy will come 2nd in his book. I think that is an essential move.
        Clinton wants to go down into South America and Americanize it. That may represent a complete end of the Amazon. These Yanks think Yellowstone Park is the centre of the earth, nothing else matters to them. It’s collateral damage, just too bad for being in the road. Clear it out the way is their attitude, sell it off for corporate profit. Profits that no average Yank ever sees.

      2. Well I do think those women are playing it for all its worth and are ot the most innocent of victims. But that doesn’t excuse the way Trump behaves and his attitude.
        Anybody who is President has to have some degree of decorum and standards. DLT was annihilated (quite wrongly) for less than Trump has done and he’s a serial offender.
        His attack today was appalling – he defended himself by basically saying that the woman wasn’t pretty enough for him to have bothered groping. It’s revealing of his arrogance and attitude.
        Nobody has too much time for Clinton – me included. I just hope she gets a handle on things and puts a team around her that gets things sorted without blowing everyone to bits. She has huge problems to sort – key to it all will be the constitution of the Senate and Congress. The Republicans have deliberately stopped anything happening. If we get that stalemate again everyone is a loser.

  5. Oh but Opher, that was extremely funny from Trump. The guy’s got comedy timing down to a tee. You’re way, way too straight laced for your own good. It was a master stroke put-down if ever there was one. He’s proved he’s not an automatron, has a personality and a strong sense of humour. Perhaps you’re just too used to the non-personality Corbyn types, or at least more comfortable with that type. For our sense of humour where I come from, that was classic brilliant and will go down in history as a classic. The roar of laughter from both sexes in my local pub tonight watching the late news was quite something. It will be being used in pubs and clubs up and down the country till at least Xmas.

    1. I agree that is was funny – but it was funny/nasty. Fine from a Rock star or comedian maybe but someone running for President?. It was just too revealing for me because what it said to me was that he was quite happy to grope pretty women but they had to be pretty enough for him to bother to molest. Not a nice attitude. And nowhere up to the standard of Churchill’s put-downs –
      ‘You sir are drunk!’
      ‘And you madam are ugly – but I’ll be sober in the morning.’

      1. He’s really not that far away from Churchill there.
        Maybe we need some real people coming into politics. People that can show us their faults.
        It really wouldn’t be too bad a thing.
        But did you see the 3rd candidate’s response to the question
        “what would you do with the Aleppo crisis?”
        Answer – “what’s aleppo?”
        So that leaves 2 candidates.

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