So what’s wrong with socialism?

Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production;[

It is a system that is opposed to the rampant greed of capitalism. This mantra of profit before all else, greed and to hell with everything, is what is creating inequality, environmental destruction, overpopulation and fuelling war. There’s a better way.

I like democracy and having a say in what is going on.

Socialism is based on the idea of equality.

It is associated with environmentalism, feminism and liberalism.

They are all things I am in agreement with.

I’ve been listening with interest to the arguments put forward at the Labour Conference and good ones they are too.

An end to austerity and the vicious attacks on the poor, disabled and public servants.

I want an educational system for everyone – not selection and a series of grammar schools for the wealthy while the rest get the slops.

The nationalisation of the Post Office. How on Earth does it make sense to have thousands of cars and vans running around the countryside delivering amazon parcels instead of one streamlined, joined up service? It’s a bunch of poorly paid people being exploited for profit. We have a national system that is efficient and streamlined it’s called the Post Office.

The Nationalisation of the Railways. I’m sick of hiked up prices for travel. A piecemeal set of companies all in it to cream off wealth for a bunch of rich owners. I want an efficient, joined up, safe, cheap service, development and a service that provides comfort and speed. It needs to be under public ownership.

The end of Trident. Trident is a hugely expensive red herring. It can never be used and is minuscule compared with the USA and Russia (and probably China too)  It’s only reason is to give Britain a place at the top table. Well I could do without a place at the top table. The money could be spent on anti-terrorism, schools, hospitals and housing.

I want the greedy bankers and capitalists to pay more. I want a country with more equality and less greed.

I want the environment being respected and conserved. I don’t want fracking destroying our countryside and polluting the water.

I could go on. I can’t find much I disagree with.

I’m a socialist, a paid up Labour man. I believe in equality. I want capitalism curbed.

I want the Labour Party to unite and get behind the leader and get their message across. It’s time we started showing up the Tories for the bunch of greedy capitalists they are.

There is a better way – it’s the Labour way. I’m a SOCIALIST through and through.


23 thoughts on “So what’s wrong with socialism?

    1. Actually when you look at the stats Labour was doing brilliantly with the economy and not borrowing. The Blair government had a better record than the Tories. It was at the end when the global economy went ape that they borrowed too much to shore things up. Corbyn’s plans to invest in infrastructure will stimulate the economy.
      What May is doing with this right-wing bunch is a disaster. She needs a healthy Labour Party to stop her doing stupid things.
      Check this out. You can see that Labour was in the black for most of their time. Only at the end did it go awry.
      We can afford it. Too much is going to the rich. They’ve had tax cut after tax cut while the poor and disables and public sector pay for the mistakes of the bankers.

  1. You know I watched the Clinton/Trump debate last night and it made me sad because even if they were both saints, neither of them could do half of what they said. We have all these big dreams in our countries, but somehow they never manage to come to fruition. I know, I know. You’re going to say I’m being a pessimist… Yep, I am.

    1. Politicians’ job is to wave dreams in front of people and promise the impossible. They’ll sell their granny if it buys them a vote. They are born liars, manipulators and phonies. They really don’t care about much other than power.
      It is as Andrew said – they both represent the same establishment and are in hock to them. They are put there by the establishment. All the establishment cares about is protecting their own hides and profit. We’re all the mugs that are duped time and time again. We select the lesser of two evils. But they both serve mammon.

      1. I don’t know. I read an article this morning that said the bulk of the audience watching the debate were Democrats. That makes me think the Republicans that are intending to vote for Trump are probably not reading about him in the papers, listening to the news, or reading stuff on the internet. I don’t know how they could not have questions after everything that’s come out.

      2. There is an emotional response that is not rational. They let their gut decide. They don’t want to debate the issues or think about it. They select an issue and base their whole idea around it. I think the Tea Party are behind a lot of it and they look totally crazy from over here. What’s happened to Sarah Palin? Is she wrestling grizzly bears somewhere? Pretending to be Davy Crocket?

      3. She was a female DT. Btw, the Libertarian candidate here is not faring so well these days. They asked him the other day what he thought about Aleppo and he had no clue what that was. Then yesterday they asked him who his favorite foreign ruler was. He couldn’t name any… Don’t you think knowing these things would be helpful if you’re going to be president? o_O

      4. Foreign policy and understanding is not high on the agenda. We found that when we lived in the States the rest of the world didn’t seem to exist. It was only mentioned if there was direct US involvement. But a Presidential candidate?

      5. Unbelievable really. But I well remember Dan Quayle’s utter stupidity. It makes you wonder how these people get in these positions. Well actually we know don’t we? We can see the strings.

      6. I don’t know what the answer is. While it takes billions to elect a President (or PM) the people with the money are the only ones who can put up a candidate who can win. The establishment always wins.

    1. That would be a good idea. All banks under government control with bankers receiving a fair wage, like everybody else, no huge bonuses and no risky behaviour putting the economy at risk. Win win.

  2. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:

    Still just as true in this crucial election. Do we give this virulent extreme right wing a mandate to take apart our public services or do we protect our schools, hospitals, police and social services?
    It’s a simple choice.

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