Brexit – Hard or soft? What is the choice.

Brexit means Brexit – right?  No. There are many types of Brexit.

Hard Brexit

We exit Europe and the European market. There are no free movements of workers. We have levies on trade and visas with Europe.

There will be an economic hit. Firms may migrate to Europe.

Soft Brexit

We exit Europe but keep our trade links with the European market. There will be no levies on trade or visas with European countries.

There will be less of an economic hit. Firms will likely not migrate in such numbers. But we would have to allow free movement of workers.

The Choice

So what way do we go?


2 thoughts on “Brexit – Hard or soft? What is the choice.

    1. Philosophically I want a global outlook, outward looking and a global government. I want no nations and one people. It’s a long way off I know but I’m an idealist. We work towards it.
      I would prefer to be in altogether but failing that a soft Brexit that keeps the dream alive. I don’t like division and separation. I like things cosmopolitan and I feel European.
      Having said that I think we do need to sort out migration and vetting people who come in and we should be able to kick out people who break the law or don’t have a job. We have to deal with the terrorists too.
      I think that can be done without complete separation.

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