Poetry – An Invisible Machine – A poem for Roy Harper and the planet!

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An Invisible Machine

I wrote this poem on the way back from a Roy Harper gig in Scotland. We discussed the environmental damage being wreaked upon the world by the selfish, greedy minority who control the capitalist machine that is destroying the planet.

Five billion people live in poverty and despair while a few hundred thousand squander everything in a senseless orgy of extravagance.

The forests, lakes and seas are being consumed. The chimps, elephants and rhinos machine-gunned.

I suggested Roy wrote an epic song on this subject. He told me that he was writing one about what goes on in people’s minds. That is where the madness is conceived!

As we are distracted with booze, sex and TV, religion, psuedodemocracy and talent shows, tribute bands, muzac  and nostalgia, fashion, glamour and celebrity, the real world is being ripped apart before our very eyes!!!

I refuse to be stupid!

An Invisible Machine

There is an invisible machine

Relentlessly churning around the world.

Into its maw goes forests, lakes

And whole oceans.

Out of its rear

It excretes plastic trinkets

And control.

Its gears drip with blood and sap.

Sitting astride this behemoth,

This slow-motion holocaust,

The gleeful sneering drivers spray champagne down upon us.

In its wake the controlled

Buy trinkets and are distracted

By the addictive effluent

As they desperately strive to climb on board.

Their dream

Is that they too might live to spray champagne.

When its job is done

And all the wonders have been transformed to junk

It will consume itself.


Opher 18.9.2016


11 thoughts on “Poetry – An Invisible Machine – A poem for Roy Harper and the planet!

    1. You seem to be suggesting that there is not the slightest possibility of halting the machine. I don’t believe that.
      I believe that the people need to wake up to the illusion they are being sold – the aim of life is not to be wealthy but to be rich in love, experience and creativity.
      Once people stop fuelling the machine we can start to put an end to this relentless destruction.

  1. Reminds me of all the dystopian literature I’ve read, from Forster’s ‘Machine Stops’ to Orwell’s ‘1984’. They all offer a glimpse of the simple, natural love that could defeat the machine …

      1. Well we’ve got Dylan and Harper. Roy does a lot of environmental stuff. But you are right what we really need is someone who can encapsulate the beauty of nature, bring tears to the eyes, and rouse people to do something about it, defend it.

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