Roy Harper – Royal Festival Hall – A few of the people in and around Roy.

Long gone are the days when Roy would hitch-hike to a gig clutching his old battered guitar in even more battered case and using the club PA. Playing a venue such as the Royal Festival Hall requires an army of people and a great deal of organisation. Recording Roy’s albums requires great skills from a number of people. The publicity shots have to be great.

Here’s a few of the people who were involved behind the scenes.


Colin Curwood (left) is an amazing photographer who has been involved with Roy right from the early days. He took most of the great early publicity shots. Brilliant stuff. John Leckie (right) is the soundman from Abbey Road studios who was responsible for recording most of Roy’s Abbey Road albums and producing One Of Those Days In England.


Henry attended his first Harper concert at the age of three. Rebekah is at her first. John Leckie has also worked with other lesser people (such as John Lennon, George Harrison, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Clash, Fall and Stone Roses) p1130627

Fiona Brice took over from the late great David Bedford who arranged orchestration on Harper albums and concerts. She did a brilliant job of organising the strings and brass for this tour and has applied David’s arrangements with great skill. They were a triumph.

p1130634 p1130333

Darren Crisp used to be Roy’s Manager. Now he manages the tours and other stuff and has the job of pulling it all together. Quite a responsibility! He has to tie up all the loose ends and organise Roy. No mean feat. He does a great job which is why it works so seamlessly.


Tracy Harper is the tower of strength behind Roy who liaises with everyone and keeps everything rolling.

Now the whole circus is heading for Scotland for tomorrow’s final concert in Edinburgh. It should be quite a party. Roy has come back with a bang!

I’ll be there! Looking forward to seeing you all!

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