Rolling Stones Exhibition – Saatchi Galleries London

Just back from London and the Rolling Stones Exhibition at the Saatchi Studios. What a great exhibition that set out the whole story of the Stones (rather airbrushing Brian Jones and Ian Stewart though).

This was a brilliant exhibition with some great ideas. The photos, diaries, information, costumes, videos, artwork, design, split-screen story, quotes and a 3D concert extract. Pretty much had it all apart from the Stones themselves.

It took two hours to go round and absorb and captured the excitement and evolution of the group. Came out zinging and wanting to put on a bit of that iconic music.

Recommend it.

P1120507 (2) P1120508 (2) P1120511 (2) P1120522 (2) P1120523 (2)P1120521 (2) P1120513 (2) P1120509 (2) A mock up of their flat from 1963

P1120510 (2)P1120504 (2) P1120517 (2) P1120524 (2)


10 thoughts on “Rolling Stones Exhibition – Saatchi Galleries London

    1. I don’t think anyone ever did the dishes. Looked like many a student flat that I saw back then – mildew walls, wallpaper hanging off. The only thing missing was the smell.

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