Oph & Mike’s Radio Programme – 50s US R&B.

Well this is radio show we recorded together yesterday!

We’ve got to go back and sort out a couple of glitches before it is complete – There’s a bit of a muck up around the intro to Hi-heeled Sneakers and Arthur Alexander but we’ll sort that.

I hope you enjoy this. Any feedback would be appreciated.

This will go out (when we’ve sorted the glitches) to local hospitals. As I said before – if we get it right they’ll take it off intensive care and into the other wards!

It’s great to have a captive audience. I’m very proud of the opportunity to give people an incentive to get better.

Although it’s the rough version – please let me know what you think!


8 thoughts on “Oph & Mike’s Radio Programme – 50s US R&B.

    1. I don’t know why that should be. It seems to play alright here. There are some recording glitches that need sorting out though. I’ve found a good dozen but we’ll sort that.
      Give it another try – I’ve only just put it up. Maybe it takes a while to settle. If it doesn’t play that would be a bit worrying.
      Please let me know Cheryl.

      1. It’s working fine now. But I noticed it had to buffer this time and it wasn’t doing that before. You know how some videos have to buffer and you can see the buffering on the bar and it will stop and start but you eventually get it all? It did that this time. It wasn’t doing it before. I skipped all the way over to 49.04 to check and it was fine. I had a blue line all the way. It was white before. (Not that I would discriminate between white and blue, you understand. 😉 ) I’ll have to come back and listen to the rest of it. It sounded good.

      2. Thanks Cheryl. I’m glad it worked. There are a half dozen glitches that need smoothing out but it’s pretty much there.
        One doctor told us that when he played it back to back non-stop on the ward half of the patients decided they were cured and left. Do you think we’re performing miracles?

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