Featured book – A passion for Education – The Story of a Headteacher – the blurb

One of my readers commented that this was the most important book on education since Summerhill. Quite a statement.

Opher's World


If you want to know how to run an Outstanding School then read this! This book is a memoir of an outspoken maverick Headteacher who did it his way. He was a Rock ‘n’ Roll Head who fought for his philosophy and lead his school to three consecutive Outstanding Ofsted inspections. He had a passion and a vision that permeated the fabric of the school and transformed it into one of the best schools in the country. He was a rebel who did not kow-tow to Ofsted or the Local Authority, who spent the early years of his teaching fighting for his beliefs in a traditional, hidebound school that was floundering and found himself taking on the entire hierarchy of the school. He believed in valuing all his students, caring for them and putting that above all else. He believed in equality, freedom, and fairness and refused to allow any…

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