New Novel – Danny’s Story – Chapter 3 – Feedback welcome

The magic garden, life and reality in the sixties.

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This is the third chapter in my new novel. Are there any comments you could make? Any suggestions? Feedback?

Chapter 3 – A rose by any other name

Danny’s first meeting with Mr Rose went well. Suzie saw to that. She dressed him in his best shirt and brushed his hair back behind his ears. She couldn’t do anything about its length but she could make him look as tidy as possible.

It was a bravura performance. She breezed in to Mr Rose’s room to pay the rent. All Danny had to do was keep quiet and nod and smile as required and as instructed.

Mr Rose was short and portly with grey shiny hair, spectacles, grey flannels, a check shirt and maroon cardigan. He seemed a friendly, pleasant man who was still fairly active for a man in his eighties. They went in and sat down while Mr Rose…

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4 thoughts on “New Novel – Danny’s Story – Chapter 3 – Feedback welcome

      1. Hi Opher, I just saw your question about my Nanunja series – and then it somehow went *poof* and disappeared! My inspiration? An internal itch, Opher. Simple as that. I don’t even know if there has ever been a tribe of that name.

      2. Right. I know the feeling. Lots of my things just disappear into oblivion.
        I was really interested in Native North Americans. Fascinating.

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