Democracy and the media controlled by the establishment.

can we ever have democracy?

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To have a democracy there has to be a fair structure. All people about an agreed age should have a vote. They should have free access to all the information necessary to decide who to vote for. They should have a range of political parties to choose from. The system should be free of coercion, rigging or corruption.

Clearly this is not the case. The establishment has organised things to ensure their power and wealth is not reduced by ‘common people’ wanting a fairer share.

The establishment consists of a loose confederation of the aristocracy, politicians, big business, media, police, chosen celebrities and wealthy individuals. Politicians freely move between the worlds of media and big business to walk into incredibly lucrative deals for doing advisory work or TV and radio shows. There is a lot of money to be made cosying up to the establishment. The whole business of who…

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2 thoughts on “Democracy and the media controlled by the establishment.

  1. It’s like a computer all of a sudden developing an AI. It will then use everything at its disposal to preserve its life. I’m guessing every country has one!

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