Wake up!

A great piece that I thoroughly endorse!

I think, therefore I exist.


We’re numb, surrounded by distractions that keep us from acting or thinking. We want entertainment. We look at our cell phone screen, post a new photo on Facebook, play through the five lives in Candy Crush and don’t think. We live in denial, closing our minds to the atrocities that happen right beside us. We look but we don’t see, and we even don’t feel that much anymore. We try to buy our happiness, fill us with stuff.

Our generation is asleep, we don’t act anymore. In the past, people used to fight for their rights and dreamt about a better future. Nowadays in my country, 40% of the people don’t even bother to vote. The right to vote was conquered, there were people who fought for it! But now we seemed to have forgotten that we have power to change what surrounds us. That society was built by…

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