Poetry – Miracles and Wonders – A poem about science and technology.


Presenting science to people who have not seen it before would be the same as presenting magic.

Technology harnesses the knowledge of science to create pragmatic solutions. It makes the impossible an everyday event.

How quickly we accept the wonders given to us by science and technology. They transform our lives but we no longer accept them as miracles.

Yet every day is a miracle. The universe is a wonder.

Science is unlocking understanding on an ever widening front. Its rate is incredible. The world we live in has no comparison with the world of a mere hundred years ago. That is not due to prayer it is due to science and technology.

Yet the wonders we work with are only beginning to be understood. The densest solid has a billion times more space than matter. The forces that make the world solid are still barely understood. We have learn to harness them and are beginning to unlock their secrets.

Science is only at the beginning. It thrives on secrets and mystery. Soon we will know the secrets of forever.

Miracles and Wonders


Walking on water –

It’s easy;

Just a question of temperature.

Performing miracles –


Merely a case of nomenclature.


Everything an issue of perspective,

For all new science is wondrous.

Where religion is reprehensive,

The universe is simply lustrous.


Each day a miracle;

On the bridge

Over the river.

We walk on water

With wonders

To deliver.


Technology has a metre;

A poem of substance.

Science reveals mystery

Its understanding to enhance.


For the world is real,

An orgy of Quark,

Gathered in clans,

Holding hands

In atoms

In the dark.


We mould them,

Bolt them,

And quietly

Jolt them.


Linking them in bricks

In struts and girder,

Nails and wood,

Cement and solder.


Constructing all around us

Out of forces

We have not yet found

The sources.


Science adores the mystery

It is the basis of our history.


Opher 4.8.2015

10 thoughts on “Poetry – Miracles and Wonders – A poem about science and technology.

  1. Share your love of science, the ongoing search for knowledge. But you still have to give religion it’s due: the universality of the human belief in a god. But religion today pales beside science in its ability to awe and indeed lead to a higher spiritual state.

    1. Cheers Bumba – but I despair of religion. There appears to be a hard-wire human condition of belief in some higher creator but this has taken many, many forms throughout history and is not in any way consistent. It seems to me that there is no universal belief in god or gods. There is an underlying spirituality that seeks a force that runs through everything, connects everything with purpose and has created it. There is an element of immortality.
      Freud claims religion is a mass delusion. I think he’s right.
      Sometimes we have worshiped the sun, sometimes rocks, trees and nature, sometimes many gods, sometimes none, sometimes one.
      I think religion stems from the nature of our brains. We are hardwired to seek patterns and look for meaning. We are terrified of death and our own mortality and create gods, heavens and the like in order to give meaning and purpose and take away our fear of death.
      It is basic human psychology – nothing more.
      I put my faith in science, exploration and wonder.

      1. All I know is what I see. No room for belief. There is high survival value in believing, in trusting in a god. The problems arrive when we start to kill the infidels. And where does your sense of beauty and wonder come from? Definitely an interesting species.

      2. I don’t know Bumba. Most gods and religions have faded into obscurity. Not too many people worship Zeus these days. We seem to need the prop.
        I agree – the problem with religion and politics is when human beings start trying to enforce their views on everyone else through the application of violence. We are still incredibly primitive and tribal. Maybe we’ll grow up?
        Now looking at the wonder and awe of consciousness, evolution, the cosmos, human nature, nature, life, death and where our sense of wonder comes from – those are wonders to be grappled with. That is the philosophy that makes life so wonderful.

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