Poetry – Orbiting your Beauty – A love poem for a special person.

You can’t beat love. Nothing beats love. Each second is made brighter by it. Each moment richer.

Chance brings you together. Serendipity gathers you in and you are hooked. Everything has purpose and the purpose is love.

It is nectar on the lips, soft glows in the eyes and blood that sings.

I wrote this for my lady who is the fusion in my reactor.


The universe conspires to bring me to you

The chaos of a butterfly’s wing

Creates a breeze that wafts your scent to me

Generates a hurricane

That rips through the fabric of my dreams

And I am trapped

In orbit around your beauty

Like a satelite who cannot escape the pull of your allure.


Every road leads to the lake

Every journey takes me to the sea

Every action becomes another rivulet

Every breath escapes as a waterfall

Even my thoughts become cascading rapids

That suck me into the whirlpool of your love

You are the water I would sip

Without which there is no life.


I cannot escape you

The stars, the sun, the earth

The air I breathe

The light that reveals the world

Every song; every word

All things that live and dream

Every colour; every note

They are merely there to guide me home

For nothing could exist

If you were not there.

I am not real without you.


Opher 18.10.95

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