What should I do? Is my blog too confusing?

It has been suggested to me by a trusted friend that my blog is too overwhelming, confusing and diverse; that I would be better off splitting it into five or six blogs.

I could have a blog solely for my books and writing.

A blog for my photography.

A blog for Rock Music.

A blog for my poetry.

A blog for politics.

A blog for poetry and antitheism.

One for my art.

One for education

One for the environmental things.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “What should I do? Is my blog too confusing?

  1. This is my first time visiting your blog. So take my suggestion with a grain of salt. Maybe the writing, books and poetry can go into one blog (and perhaps throw in one other thing if it relates to your writing).

    1. Thank you for that. It is great to hear what other people think. I get too subjective and involved to see clearly. Your view is very valuable to me. Thank you for the time and perspective.
      Best wishes

  2. I think if you have nine different blogs then you will spend all your time working on blogs and run out of time to create. While it’s true that a blog that is very focused will get more followers than one with many types of posts, the people that follow you now are following YOU, perhaps for everything you write about. You don’t need new blogs but if I may make a suggestion, perhaps less categories and less pages or at least clean it up a bit. That’s where your friend is seeing clutter. Good luck!

    1. Why thank you for such fine advice. It helps me clarify my thoughts.
      What you say makes much sense to me.
      I will try to take it on board and find a way to tidy it up.
      Thank you so much
      Best wishes

  3. Keep it the way it is! I love to follow blogs like yours and read about different things, and I think many other people do, too. You wouldn’t suggest that a magazine or newspaper be divided in such a way. Perhaps the chaos comes across in the way the different themes are presented and organised, rather than their actual existence.

    1. Thanks for that Helen. Your thoughts are really important to me. You cannot be objective about your own stuff. It’s good to hear and makes sense. Much appreciated. Best wishes – Opher.

    1. Thank you for that. I am. it’s good to hear an objective view. thank you for taking the trouble to reply. I appreciate it.
      All the best

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