Poetry – The Last Poem – a look into the future.

I wrote this on the last day of 1997.

Life is all we have. We have a consciousness that has come out of a miraculous fusion of chemicals. My mind is a mass of dendrites connecting more neurones than a galaxy.

When I die I will cease to be.

But I hope the ripples of my life will reach out to touch everyone and help make the experience of this wondrous universe better for everyone.

We do not die while our memory lingers on in the actions of others. We reach down through the generations with fingers of delight.

My friends and family live in me as I will live in others.

The Last Poem

Before I took my first thought

The universe did not exist.

Then it all clicked on

And has never ceased to desist.

They tell me one day

I will dream my last dreams,

Then the universe will stop

To seem how it seems.


Adrift in a void

That is not even there.

With no thoughts to avoid

Or feelings to share.




Without even me.

With nothing to do

And nothing to see.


When time does not exist

And nothing is real

You cannot be

And I cannot




OPHER  31.12.97

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