Poetry – If I want – a poem for independence.

If I want


If I want to do what I want to do

That’s up to me not up to you

If you don’t like what I want to do

You can go screw


If I’m not hurting

When I do my thing

Then you shouldn’t squeal

And you shouldn’t sing

I’ve got a hook that you can sling

Go swing


You give me the rules to living a life

A house and a mortgage

Kids and a wife

So where’s the strange

The love and the awe

The stars in the sky

The peace from the war?


Where’s all the visions

The how and the why

The things we create

The thrust and the sigh

Where’s the unknown

And where’s the next who

And the why should we do all the things that we do?


Opher 16.11.98

There has to be more to life than going through the motions. We have to have more. We cannot allow ourselves to be constrained within the strictures of the norm. Sometimes you have to escape into the real world and experience life.

You cannot have people dictating what is proper. You have to live your own life, discover your own mysteries, limits and make your own boundaries.

You have one life. It is for living. You are the arbiter of what you do. If it is not violent and will not hurt anyone else then you should decide. It is nobody else’s business. Most of the social mores are open to question.

Wear what you want, make your own rules for the way you live your life. fill it with love, awe and wonder, passion, thoughtfulness and fire – live as if it is your last day on earth.


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