Anthropocene Apocalypse – World population explosion video – You Tube link.


The effects of the population explosion are catastrophic for the wild-life on this planet. We are even affecting the climate.

The population is currently in excess of 7 Billion. It is due to double in fifty years. The impact of that is almost unimaginable. Life as we know it will be transformed. The wilderness will be devastated. Natural resources will be depleted. The climate will change forever.

We are sleepwalking towards our own extinction!

Check out the video. I find it terrifying!

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    This surely must be the number one priority for the world? Yet, due to the fact that we operate in outmoded nation states, we are failing to act on a global basis. The increase in population is untenable. It is destroying the natural world.
    We need to take measures to put a stop to this increase. Apart from anything else it is causing climate change, poverty and suffering.

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