ISIL, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc. – world domination


There are presently groups of militant Islamists who are intent on world domination. Their perverse interpretation of Islam creates a violent Jihadist war as they seek to impose their narrow view of the Koran on everyone.

Their vision:

  • To impose strict Islamic law on the whole world and all people.
  • To promote conflict with the West and all religions including those elements of Islam who do not conform to their radical ideology.
  • To use terror, war and conquest to achieve a global caliphate.
  • To banish all non-Islamic practice such as music.
  • To destroy all historic sites and art depicting human or animals which are seen as idolatry.
  • To impose strict Muslim dress code and social mores
  • To banish female education and emancipation
  • To destroy all other faiths
  • To kill all those who do not subscribe to their faith or are, under their interpretation of religious texts, abominations such as homosexuals
  • To use hatred and revenge as motivation to achieve this end.

As a practicing antitheist this sounds about par for the course. In the past the Christians, Hindus and Jews have all had their turn at a similar vision.

The end result is always the same: misery, death, torture, poverty, destruction, strict imposition of ridiculous medieval customs, more hatred, more revenge and inevitable defeat.

They believe, fuelled by money streaming in from billionaire Saudi’s, that they can actually take on and defeat the rest of the world. It is a pipe-dream. Sooner or later everyone will get together and eradicate them.

My vision is slightly different:

  • We live in peace and harmony in a global society that tolerates people of all religions and none, homosexuals and anyone who chooses a different life-style or vision.
  • We live in a rich, creative environment in which people can dress how they want, appreciate art, music, theatre, dance and the wide spectrum of culture and respect other people’s views.
  • We are all equal regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or creed
  • We use non-violent protest to oppose anyone who seeks to impose their intolerant vision on others
  • We start addressing the real global problems that we have created – environmental destruction, over-population, annihilation of animals, deforestation, poverty, inequality and war

I believe we have to work actively to build a new positive zeitgeist.