Election fever – Government represents the people? No chance!


A government should be a number of representatives from all strata of society; have representatives in proportion to ethnicity, creed, class, religion and gender and have people who understand the problems that different people from all walks of life face.

What a joke.

The present government has a limited view, is drawn from the wealthy business class and has produced policies accordingly (Tax cuts and pay increases for the rich, pay freezes, redundancies, pension robbery and worsening conditions for the poor and a good hammering for anyone on benefits. They ease off a year before an election, promise the earth, move idiots like Gove to the side-lines, and tell lies in the hopes that everyone forgets their record and broken promises:

(we are all in this together

We will pay off the debt

No top down reorganisation or privatisation of the NHS)

They think we are all stupid.

In Cameron’s first cabinet 23 out of 29 were millionaires. It is no surprise which interests they support.

Where is a prospective government coming from to represent the ordinary people? How come we always end up voting for the lesser of two evils? The Labour Party is only a little bit better!

4 thoughts on “Election fever – Government represents the people? No chance!

  1. It’ll be interesting, for sure. I was out canvassing for the Green Party last night and pleasantly surprised to find so many people being receptive to our ideas. Mainly ex-Labour supporters, though we believe we may have got one UKIPper to think again.

    1. My one concern about the Greens is that they might just let the Tories back in. It was how Thatcher got elected by splitting the opposition.
      I love the Green ideology but I think they will take away Labour votes and will never have enough votes to make a difference themselves.

      1. Just as the Greens are splitting the Labour vote, UKIP will be doing the same to the Tories. The main 3 parties have all got credibility issues. Labour’s main problem is not the Greens but the SNP who are likely to take most Scottish seats. As I say, it’ll be interesting

    2. Yeah – I’m on tenterhooks. I couldn’t stand another five years of Tory destruction and ideology though.

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