Anthropocene Apocalypse – Population explosion – the biggest threat to humans and most other life on earth.


Undoubtedly the biggest threat to life on the planet is us. We are not only vicious, aggressive and extremely violent but we are also too stupid to use the intelligence we have.

Our callous disregard is only exceeded by our fecundity.

We chop, pollute, butcher, mine, and destroy with gay abandon. After all we have to eat; we must have fresh water; a TV and computer is now an essential; life without a car is unthinkable; imagine not having a phone?

Those that don’t have aspire to having.

And we breed like there’s no tomorrow – and there won’t be.

Here is what we need to do to put things right:

  • Restrict our families to two
  • Use contraception, education and incentives
  • Create a more equal world where there is support when you are ill, pensions when you are old and social security when you are unemployed so that you do not need a large family to support you
  • Give 50% of the planet to other forms of life and protect our forests and wilderness
  • Stop this constant selfish, greedy race for more. We don’t need more; we need better. It is obscene the way so few have so much while so many have nothing.
  • Have globally enforced laws for population, pollution and conservation.

Make saving life on the planet a priority!

It’s easy

Build a better zeitgeist!  Cherish all life! Do something positive!

10 thoughts on “Anthropocene Apocalypse – Population explosion – the biggest threat to humans and most other life on earth.

  1. Great post friend. I am going to include your link to this article, with the post I am ready to share. It’s about how we’re not really from here, that we were brought here to keep us out of trouble. The Earth is a prison planet!

    1. Yeah. That makes sense. It’s just pity for all the other life that got us dropped on them!
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it!! Nice to hear from you!

      1. thank you for your great posts :),I do think nature will find a way to wipe us out unless we change.However unlikely it seems.

      2. Lassy – Thank you – you are very kind. We have to do our bit. We can’t sit around and let all the stupid, cruel things happen, can we!
        We can make it better! I believe that.
        All the best – Opher

    1. Thank you. We all have to make our voices heard. It starts as a solo but ends with a choir! Together we can make a difference. Alone we are singing into the wind. It’s nice to know you agree.

    1. Great to hear that. We need to make our voices heard because the majority of people have no understanding on the massive impact we are having globally. It is frightening.
      Thanks again for your comments and likes. It gives me positive impetus. Best wishes – Opher

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