Freedom, justice, equality, liberty, environmentalism and a better world – That’s why I write books and write my blog!

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As an educator, writer, dissident, free-thinker and outspoken critic I have always sought to build a better world.

I am an unashamed idealist.

I do not write books for profit. I write books purely because I believe in what I am saying and want to make a difference. I try to do that as eloquently and entertainingly as I can. I want people to enjoy and love my books as much as I do. I do not want to produce heavy tomes of despair.

My books reflect my passions. They are light and fun but weighty on desire.

I like laughter, love and fulfilment.

I want to build a new zeitgeist that kicks selfishness, greed, cruelty and intolerance into the dust-bin where they belong!

Long live freedom, respect, compassion and care!!freedom