Nick Harper – That’ll do fine – Track off new album Nix exemplifies everything that is brilliant about Nick!

The new album Nix is a great mixtures of new songs all delivered with pared down format – just Nick & his guitar with the minimum of production – raw Nick just like most of us love him.

The track ‘That’ll do fine’ really does sum up all the varied elements that make Nick such a brilliant and extraordinary singer/songwriter. To start with you have the brilliant guitar riffs. Then these are¬†overshadowed by¬†a series of amazing guitar runs. The voice is expressive and has the full range on display. The melody is really catchy and the lyrics blow you away. Nick is at his very best – observant, perceptive and witty. It’s a song full of meaning yet so accessible and delightful. The humour carries it into another dimension. This is the sort of stuff that should garnish the charts instead of all the flimsy Pop trash. It has intelligence and great musicianship all wrapped up in a great song.

There is no justice in this world. Nick is true quality. His day must surely come!