Running Down the NHS – Omicron!!

Chris Riddell sums it up. When you’ve spent twelve years running down public services, cutting education and the NHS, selling it off to the Yanks, creating artificial ‘Hostile Environments’ that drive competent nurses, teachers and carers away, then experience an entirely predictable (yes the Pandemic was predicted!) crisis you need a thorough kicking in the polls.

The Tories have devastated the NHS. What is left is valiantly straining every sinew to deal with the Omicron and is being overwhelmed!!

Who do we blame???

The Quality of Leadership!! We’re on our own!! Chris Riddell.

To be a leader you have to have a goal and direction. You’ve got to be at the front. You have to inspire. You have to make people believe that you know what you are doing. They have to believe in you.

Johnson is no leader.

Half the time he’s invisible – hiding away.

When he is visible he’s usually something daft or safe – like dangling on a zip-line with a union jack up his arse – where he can’t be questioned.

When he talks he needs an autocue or else he blithers and blathers and puts his foot in it. That’s because he’s too lazy to keep on top of things ad just says the first thing that comes to mind.

Right now the NHS is being swamped, the ERG are a bunch of nutcases and Johnson is a comatose ditherer.

Good luck everybody – We’re on our own!!

Thanks John Peachey and Chris Riddell.