Poetry – Naive Dreams – A poetic review of the Sixties.


Naïve Dreams

The idealism of the sixties was subverted from inside and out, its naïve dream exposed as a pipe-dream. But the philosophy that originated in those idealistic days lives on. It sowed the seeds for the Environmental movement, the Women’s movement, Civil Rights, anti-war and an era of liberalism, tolerance and equality.

There is much to oppose and while a dream of a new society is still a long way off much of the philosophy was good, pragmatic and liberating.

I think society is all the better for it.

Looking back you can see big business and the establishment moving in to take their profit. You can see the rich kids donning the costume and looking to muscle in and make a buck or two.

What started as community, street-culture, became fashion and mainstream.

I still live by the idealism of my youth. I do not trust the establishment and I value my freedom.

They were very positive, enthusiastic days. I’m glad I was part of it.

Naïve Dreams


A naïve dream of innocence

Flowing downstream

Towards the rocks

Of reality.


Those that run

The business


The essence of Alice

In her Wonderland

And made it very small.


Pretentious posers

From Public Schools

Preening and pandering

To re-impose

The establishment

From the inside

To prove

The world is not run on



Opher 30.10.2015