Mother’s Day – My Mummy’s Dead – John Lennon


It is immense. The power and responsibility of a mother. Most are loving and caring and bring up their sons and daughters with love to care, respect and have the self-esteem to make life a wonder. They instill tolerance and compassion.

Others are abusive. They bring up their children with hatred, violence and abuse. They instill distrust and demand rigid obedience.

My mum was loving, kind and full of joy. I was lucky. She lived to the age of eighty three and I think of her often. There were many things about her that were utterly exceptional.

John Lennon lost his mother twice. She was a live-wire and farmed him out to his austere aunt Mimi at an early age so that she could get on with her life. Then, just after they had reestablished contact, she was run over and killed. Her death had a profound effect on him. It turned him into an angry young man which probably was responsible for his success. There is much evidence and hearsay to suggestion that Lennon was not a very pleasant character. He could be vicious.

But then he discovered scream therapy and let it all out.

This is what came out:

“My Mummy’s Dead”


My Mummy’s Dead
I can’t get it through my head
Though it’s been so many years
My Mummy’s Dead
It’s hard to explain
So much Pain
I could never show it
My Mummy’s Dead
What pain was expressed in that. I think that catharsis made him a better person. He certainly demonstrated a lot of love, wisdom and compassion in his later life.
Mothers have a big responsibility. They can change the world.
It’s a good day to think about them. Most of us have beautiful memories.
My wish is that all mothers should take it on themselves to bring up their children with love, to love others and to have compassion for others and all of nature. Put aside the sectarian hatred and appreciate the wonder of this world and the universe.
Mothers have the power to change everything.
(I’ll deal with fathers at a later date).