Jolly Bankers at play

Jolly Bankers at play


They gambled with our money.

They gambled with our jobs.

They brought the country to its knees

Like a bunch of raving yobs.


They swigged their expensive fizz

And played upon their yachts.

Joking around like puerile boys –

A bunch of silly clots.


They were the jolly bankers

Who ruined many lives.

The world was their playground

With their trophy wives.


But when the dust has settled,

With its austerity and pain,

It left the jolly bankers

Playing games again.


Instead of up before the courts

To answer for their deeds.

They’ve upped their bonuses

And wallow in their greed.


The good old jolly bankers

Are doing oh so well.

With never a single one of them

Locked inside a cell!


Opher – 3.2.2019



It seems unbelievable to me that the people responsible for the crimes that have destroyed so many lives have gone untouched.

Why aren’t hundreds of them behind bars?

They are still out there. Still on huge salaries. Still gambling with our money. Still playing their games. Still on huge bonuses. Still being as unproductive and mercenary as ever.

The jolly bankers epitomise everything that is wrong with the world for me.