Epicurus was on to something when he said that happiness was extremely difficult to achieve.


He said that material possessions won’t make us happy for long.


The standard belief is that pleasure is the absence of pain and the presence of good feelings. But Epicurus pointed out that all pleasures are ephemeral. Our lives are full of cravings. We buy something, achieve something, gain promotion, eat something, drink something, have sex and it makes us feel good. We imagine that if we only had those things, that life, those looks, we would be happy. But that sensation of feeling good rapidly goes and we need another fix. Not only that but we need something bigger and better to create the same level of thrill. Each new experience is not as pleasurable as the previous. We have to up the ante. Too much of the nicest thing eventually becomes boring. We have to keep doing something more just to get the same level of buzz.


Ultimately the pursuit of pleasure leaves us miserable.


We can go out on mad drink and drug sprees, indulge in orgies, earn fortunes, purchase yachts and penthouses, have cosmetic surgery, buy the most expensive jewelry and clothes and end up depressed.


There is more pleasure and happiness to be found in friendship, love and creativity than can ever be bought or possessed.

GNP has had its day – It is time for GNH!!

We are not here to serve the state; it is here to serve us!!


Instead of judging a country by its material production we should be judging it by how happy it makes its population. All countries should ditch GNP for GNH – Gross National Happiness!!


Schools should not be turning out mindless numbers equipped only to fill economic or military roles in society. Schools should turn out individuals equipped to live happy fulfilled lives!!


In Singapore each individual produces, on average, $56,000 per person.

In Costa Rica they only produce a measly $14,000.


But Costa Ricans record far higher levels of happiness!!


So do you want to be part of a hard-working productive country making the state richer or a happy society making the people happier?

I think we may have got our priorities wrong! I say let’s change from focussing on GNP to focussing on GNH!!


Vote today for happiness!!!