Cop26 – Blah Blah Blah – A Cop Out.

Johnson – usual hot air and nothing gained!! He should run a power station on his own!

Fracking – the debate.

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The case for:

There are huge amounts of gas and oil under our land that can now be extracted.

This oil and gas will secure our supplies. We will no longer be dependent on Russia for our supplies. We will no longer be putting money into Russia. We will no longer be able to be held to ransom.

It will reduce the energy bills for all British households. We will get cheap gas and oil.

It will stimulate our economy and make the country wealthier and help pay off our debts.

It will create a number of jobs.

The case against:

It will use huge amounts of water that we do not have. Already our waterways are under threat due to the extraction of water to replenish reservoirs. This threatens wild-life.

It will produce huge amounts of contaminated water that we have no way of dealing with.

It uses chemicals that are polluting and nasty – a health risk for us and wild-life.

It could contaminate our aquifers and drinking water.

It could produce instability leading to earthquakes.

It would increase the use of gas and oil which produce carbon dioxide which is responsible for climate change at a time when we should be reducing our use.

It will take the money away from green energy projects which are safer, cleaner and do not pollute or create climate change.

Well that’s about it. What do you think?