Thirteen Years of Robbery! LOCK THEM UP!!

For thirteen years they have been robbing the public services, robbing the poor, robbing the local councils. They’ve been lining their own pockets, giving money to their chums and overseeing a system that sees CEOs with multimillion pound bonuses, oil, gas, water and power companies pulling in billions for their profiteers – which we all pay for!

The cost of living is through the roof.

Wages are through the floor.

MPs (PMs) and bosses have never had it so good!!

After thirteen years they have created a two-tier system of the extreme wealthy and exploited plebs.

The NHS and Schools are broken. Nurses, doctors and teachers could double their salaries by going abroad and that is what they are doing. Why train for five years to end up on starvation wages? Pay peanuts and you get monkeys.

The Tory plan is to privatise the NHS and Schools. They will drive them into the ground to justify academies and American Health Schemes.

Thirteen years of systematic greed and corruption, incompetence and sleaze. Thirteen years to break Britain!

And still a quarter of the population will vote for these corrupt politicians instead of demanding that they should be locked up for crimes against the British people!


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