A Linton Kwesi Johnson Day – Reggae’s greatest poet!

The first of Linton’s records that I heard was the magnificent Sonny’s Lettah. A tremendous poem and brilliant reggae song protesting about the use of Sus laws to discriminate against minority groups.

With the albums Dread Beat and Blood and Forces of Victory (two brilliant albums) Linton emerged as a major force in reggae music and a commentator on the riots, and general dissatisfaction in Brixton.

His words, written in patois, were powerful poems that stood in their own right and were published in book form as such. When married to reggae music they assumed a greater power and were stunning. I never get tired of listening to it.

Linton eloquently put the case in forthright manner. His music is revolutionary and captivating. I haven’t heard anything quite as good.

In my book Bob Marley and Linton Kwesi Johnson are head and shoulders above other reggae stars. The only person to stand with them is perhaps Michael Smith who was killed for his pains after just one brilliant album.