Poetry – We don’t need experts

We don’t need experts

We don’t need science.

We don’t need experts.

We can just guess the truth!

They don’t know anything.

They always get it wrong.

We’ve got the proof!

They are trying to control us

With their fake news.

The agents from the Deep State.

We know the earth is flat

And men walked with dinosaurs

And that Trump is great.

We’ve got our guns

And the bible to lean on.

We’re not going to be told.

Who needs education?

Just educated fools.

The bible is our gold.

Opher – 30.8.2020

It is very scary to see the result of Trump’s undermining of experts and scientists. It throws into a world of superstition, mad speculation, absurd conspiracy and opens us up to abuse.

Every nutcase in the world is pumping out propaganda to snag the gullible fools.

They don their silly costumes and go trotting out their fake news and conspiracy theories as if it were the truth.

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