The Corona Diaries – Day 771

It’s been very cold here. We went out in a big flurry of snow and drove to the coast. The sun came out and the temperature rose and it turned out cold but beautiful.

We visited Flamborough – the fabulous chalk cliffs with lighthouses and seals on the beach. Had a really nice walk!

I’m getting totally frustrated with this stupid Hotmail verification system. Nothing works and I can no longer get into my hotmail email account. So if you have emailed me recently sorry. I can neither get your email nor reply. It’s driving me mad. I’m sending all manner of stuff in and nothing works. There is nobody human to talk to!! Luckily for them there is no handy Microsoft office nearby or I’d be on a multiple homicide charge!!

I’ve set up a new email address. You can now contact me via

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, I was listening to Jenrick trying to tell us that the clown we have in charge was the world’s lynchpin for dealing with Ukraine. I think he was obviously getting confused with words. He most probably meant that our hopeless lying clown needed lynching!

To call Johnson the lynchpin of anything is simply bizarre. He’s all mouth and no trousers! What comes out of his mouth is a torrent of promises and lies. What comes out of his actions is a mess of uselessness, broken promises and utterly hopeless fiascos. He tells us about world-beating apps, world-beating track and trace, oven-ready plans, £350 million a week savings, and ready-made social care policies. It’s all lies. The guy must have a diet of magic mushrooms; his metabolism produces LSD, he lives in a fantasy world of his own where everything he dreams up is instantly real. But none of it is true, nothing works and it’s all some utopian vision he has in his own head. A universe of lies!!

A lynchpin?????????

Here’s the silly twerp being snubbed by everyone at NATO – some lynchpin!!

The war in Ukraine is changing. The Russians are giving up on trying to take Kyiv and concentrating on the Donbas. We’ll see. They are bringing in conscripts and desperately dragging in mercenaries and reinforcements from wherever they can get them. Not sure that is going to create a motivated, cohesive fighting unit. The reports are that they have suffered 17,500 dead and at least twice that number wounded. How long can they sustain this level of loss? The Russian military has not covered itself with glory. Corruption and poor leadership have taken their toll. But it is in its nasty phase. When you’ve seen your friends shot and blown to pieces it makes you want revenge – hence the shooting and raping of civilians. War destroys minds.

What’s all this about a cancer specialist at Putin’s side? Is that just propaganda?? What to believe.

Partygate is smouldering. Will it burst into flames? Will the MET start giving out more penalties?? Will they give one to Blowjob and his Mrs?

It would already appear to me that enough has been done to prove Johnson lied to Parliament. He went to the House and stated quite clearly that there were no parties. He stated that all covid rules had been followed. Both of these are now clearly proven to be a lie. The police are given out fines for illegal parties so quite clearly laws were broken, and there were parties and covid rules were broken. We’ll see how many fines are eventually given. This reminds me of Trump. He broke law after law and nothing happens.

One rule for them another for us.

Rees-Mogg and other Tories are saying stupid things as usual – talking about the trivia of a little tinsel and cake when there’s a war going on. They miss the point. This isn’t about the triviality of him having a glass of wine, a piece of cake and a small party; this is about two things:

Firstly, he set the rules and immediately broke them. He arrogantly thought the rules did not apply to him. One rule for them; another for us! That is inexcusable!

Secondly, he lied to the country (repeatedly) and lied to the House. A man who cannot be trusted to tell the truth cannot lead the country – particularly in times of war!!

This is a man with no honour. Any other Prime Minister would have already resigned!

We have a president for kicking out Prime Ministers in times of War. In 1940, in the darkest time in the war with Germany, Chamberlain was kicked out and replaced by Churchill!!

Johnson needs to go. Abroad he is viewed as a liability and laughed at. Here two-thirds of the country think he’s incompetent. It makes you wonder about the intelligence and sanity of the other third!

I wish the Labour Party would find itself a charismatic leader. They should be 70 points clear.

In the pandemic that no longer exists there were an incredible 69,689 new cases yesterday. I say incredible because I was expecting none! The government has developed a new strategy to save the Big Dog Turd. They’ve stopped testing. Don’t test and you don’t have any positive cases, right? So to record nearly 70,000 cases is amazing! I know lots of people with it or just getting over it. The virus is rife and busy spawning variants.

The hospital cases are zooming up – from around 11,000 to 18,809. But the good news is that only 352 are in intensive care and only 191 died.

If we had a competent leader they would be talking to us about this, explaining the reasoning and treatments.

We haven’t got a competent leader. The one we’ve got would probably start erring and hrrrummmpphing, talking about Peppa Pig and telling us to drink bleak and shove UV probes up our anuses.

How did we get into this mess?

Stay safe, avoid nuclear missiles and don’t breathe indoors!!

It’ll soon be over!!

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