The Corona Diaries – Day 769

Last week it was temperatures of 18 degrees and T-shirts. Today I looked out and it was snow and subzero temperatures. I bet this cold snap has done huge damage to the fruit trees.

Needless to say, I stayed in and played some Woody Guthrie and read some Jasper Fforde. Isolation is OK. I’ve got quite used to not going out and not seeing too many people. I wrote a poem and played around with my blog.

It’s incredibly frustrating. I am still blocked from my hotmail email service. They want me to verify my account. It’s all done electronically. You can’t talk to anyone. You have to remember all the emails you’ve sent and write out exactly what you put as a subject. Who memories email addresses these days?? This is a nightmare. I bet I’ve got a number of important emails that I can’t access. There has to be a better system than this. If I set up a new account I’m going to lose a whole load of contacts. It’s driving me mad!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we have the same bunch of denials.

Partygate – he did nothing wrong – despite the police fining everybody for attending multiple parties at his own flat and garden. He knew nothing about them despite the fact that he was there. All covid rules were obeyed – despite the fact that they weren’t and people are being fined.

What a liar!!

He refuses to accept responsibility or resign!

What a dishonourable clown!

There are no different rules for them than there are for us – despite the fact that there obviously are!

Arrogant overprivileged twat!!

It’s the same in the States. One new senator was describing how he was invited by the cocaine-snorting republican senators to attend sex orgies. It seems that the more righteous and morally indignant you appear the more morally corrupt you really are. It’s the hypocrisy that gets me – not the cocaine or sex. The Profumo affair should have told us all we need to know. Epstein and Prince Andrew should leave us in no doubt. These prim prudish, hard-hitting politicians and aristocracy are really into their sex and drugs. They make laws for us not them. They say one thing and do another!! Trump was the classic example – a more immoral man would be hard to find.

What is wrong with people believing in these creeps??

I noticed that Nigel Farage was due to make £15.7 million out of his shares in a Green Company. These people are utterly beyond contempt. They lie, abuse and exploit. How much has Farage taken from the Russians to get Brexit done? How much did he and Rees-Mogg make out of Brexit?? How much will Johnson walk away with?? Trump is reputed to have made $1.6 billion out of his presidency.

It’s the same the whole world over,
It’s the poor what gets the blame,
It’s the rich what gets the pleasure,
Isn’t it a blooming shame?

These are people who tell they are honest and they represent our interests!! They lie!!

The whole political system is corrupt!! The strings are being pulled by the obscenely rich. The promises, lobbying, donations, bungs, revolving doors and backhanders are beyond corrupt.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And the poor vote for those exploiting them!

The level of inequality under the Tories has grown and grown. It’s obscene. These people have no sense of justice and no conscience. They are profiteering in death. Brexit, Covid, Ukraine – they don’t care – anything to make a profit.

The whole establishment is rotten to the core!

The media is controlled and has become blatant propaganda.

I’m going back to reading my book in a minute.

Meanwhile, scum like Putin, who has been oppressing, suppressing, threatening and controlling, while skimming off billions for himself, is the epitome of a tyrant. Someone both Trump and Johnson admired. If they had their way they’d emulate too! They like oppression, suppression and lies.

So how’s the war going? We don’t know. We get tales of Russian soldiers crying, shooting their officers, sabotaging their equipment, shooting themselves in the leg and the next minute they are callously killing civilians and flattening cities. The Russian population, China, India and Brazil think it’s all NATO’s fault.

War is obscene.

The first casualty is always the truth.

We have Russian planes, equipped with nuclear missiles, flying into Swedish airspace. What’s that about?

Are we on the brink of nuclear war? Would that put the world cup in jeopardy?? Surely Strictly would still take place?

Of course, there’s not a murmur about the Russian money that has poured into the Tory Party; the Russian involvement in Brexit and funding of the Brexit Party, Boris Johnson’s partying or tennis matches with Oligarchs or him personally overturning security concerns to put Lebedev into the House of Lords. None of that’s important!

Meanwhile, in the nonexistent pandemic there were another 74,720 new cases yesterday with 192 and hospital cases up by 2,200. It’s OK the removal of restrictions was red meat to the gullible; the Big Dog Turd is secure!!

Good heavens!! How long can this inept clown struggle on?? He’ll be redecorating his gaffe next with diamond-studded carpets, solid gold doors and emerald windows. (Just like Putin’s palace!)

Stay Safe!! I’ve had enough!!

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