Latest – Tory Corruption Scandal – no money for those suffering from the Cost Of Living crisis – Plenty for Tory donors!

Yet more PPE VIP Lanes scandals have come to light.

The Tories have no trouble in doshing out £billions to their chums. They refuse to put a windfall tax on the billions going to their friends in windfall taxes. They refuse to sort out the tax loopholes so the wealthy can simply stash their billions abroad in the Cayman Island tax-free. Yet when it comes to freezing families, starving kids or low wages there is no money!!

Here’s another £122 million wasted. The total mismanaged is eye-watering. They have written off the £4 billion they gave out to nonexistent firms. The salaries for those involved with Track and Trace was ridiculous! They are churning out new millionaires while people starve.

The irony is that the starving people still vote for these corrupt incompetent exploiters.


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