The Corona Diaries – Day 765

A fraught day today. I had to go into Hull to see a surgeon about my back. I sneezed while putting a pile of plates into a low cupboard and herniated two discs. They haven’t healed and over the last two years, I’ve been having problems resulting in a meeting with the neurologist. (For all my American followers – all completely free, speedy and thorough – doctor’s checks – MRI scan and possible surgery – all free).

The consultant was really thorough – full physical check, reflexes and questioning. It appears that surgery is not necessary……. yet!! Aaaahh the ageing process – what a pain!! Never thought I’d get this old but now I’m here I find there is still much to do and appreciate. I haven’t reached the point where I’m bored with it!! Here’s to life in a wondrous universe!! Long may it continue!!

Unfortunately, the train was cancelled (I wish we’d voted Corbyn in and nationalised the bloody railways!!) so I had to rush home and drive in. Made me late for my appointment but he still saw me. He was a very friendly Pakistani doctor – brilliant and thorough. So much for Brexit and xenophobia. We’ve driven out lots of expert help just like this guy. Madness. Stuff your hostile environment and isolation!

I got home and have been listening to some Fugs and writing some poems. Usual crap!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Putin is playing his nuclear card, trying to keep the world at bay while he uses his barbaric power to batter Ukraine into submission. The world seems a far more dangerous place. The sooner the Russian people wake up to the propaganda they are being fed, the better.

Mind you, the sooner the UK and US people wake u[p to the propaganda they are being fed the better. Trump was a master at lies and fake news and Johnson’s much the same (on a smaller scale). How can these wealthy, uncaring useless pillocks convince poor people that they understand their problems is utterly beyond me. This pair of pillocks (along with Putin, Erdogan, Oban, Bolsonaro and the other potential despots) are using their power to exploit and rip us all off. They are a populist bunch of useless self-servers. What hope is there??

What a world we are creating!!!

At least Putin has exposed the whole corrupt nature of how power and greed works!!

Putin is sending the ethnic minorities and conscripts into the front line as cannon fodder. He doesn’t give a shit. It’s all about him.

We have Johnson posing and seeking out photo ops, hoping that it will deflect from his law-breaking, lying and incompetence (which, sadly seems to be working with the segment of morons who are taken in by it).

The war – I wonder just how this is going to end:

a negotiated settlement with Russian troops withdrawing? (Only if Ukraine continues to inflict huge losses on the Russians).

A negotiated settlement with Ukraine promising to stay neutral and give up the Donbas and Crimea.

Ukraine kicking the Russians out.

Russia taking the whole of Ukraine through sheer force.

A Third Word War.

Nuclear destruction.

Russia taking half of Ukraine and forcing a split.

All up for grabs in this horrendous war. Putin has already lost. He has demonstrated that his army is a joke. The yes-man (from fear) has provided him with misinformation and corruoption has undermined his army as a fighting force (along with a lack of morale). He’ll probably pursue it as far as he can and hope that the West doesn’t call his nuclear bluff.

As for Biden – he’s demonstrated that he’s too old for this. His heart is in the right place but he’s making too many gaffes. We need someone younger and more competent. Though, thank heavens that we don’t have Putin-loving Trump! They’d be setting up a coalition with Kim Yong-Un to take over the whole world!! Joint tyrantship!!

I notice that both Trump and Johnson, who have lots of relationships with Putin and the Oligarchs, are trying to distance themselves. Both have millions of pounds involved. I notice the Tory Party isn’t keen on paying back the millions they have taken in from Putin and his mob. Corruption speaks loudly to me!!

These populists have been using Putin as a role model!!

So, back to the pandemic that no longer exists – Big Dog Turd is still pretending to be Churchill, being snubbed by the rest of the world and widely seen as a shambling clown, a joke, but (despite Partygate, lies, incompetence and stupidity) is still in power!! Incredibly about a third of the country still think this ridiculous twerp is doing a good job!! Just shows!!

Right now, in between posing for photo ops in various costumes, our leader is currently hiding in a fridge in order to avoid being asked embarrassing questions. Mind you, the media (controlled by the Tories) are not likely to press him too hard in case it ends up with the Tories out of office. They wouldn’t want that, would they?

Starmer is not doing a job! They are getting away with murder.

Yesterday there were a staggering 215,001 new cases, with deaths – 212 – up 27%!! Hospital patients were up 27%. We’re running at a million cases a week! There are two new variants!! Yippeee! We’ve beaten covid!! Hooray for the clown!!

Stay safe!! I’m considering emigrating.


10 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 765

  1. In defense of Joe Biden, he was known to frequently put his foot in his mouth as a younger man too. In defense of jolly old England, where are you going to emigrate TO ? In the meantime, feel better

    1. Hi Bumba. I just wish that Joe and the Dems would do such a good job that the spectre of Trump is banished forever.
      I thought Australia or New Zealand would be further from the madness!!
      Thanks Bumba. Feeling OK. Ageing and injuries are just frustrating.

    1. Cheers Jesska – had a chat with the consultant about that. Some light manipulation might work. He thought that heavy manipulation could be detrimental. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

  2. commiserations about the back problem. I twisted awkwardly – 2 weeks ago? ( something significant about that time?) – and that was it. Hobbling around,;no comfortable way to sit, stand, lie. Yep; gotcha.

    As fot P, I am still having trouble understanding: how can he treated as a reasobnable person when he’s fully aware of what he’s doing? What level of tolerable discussion can there be with such a man?
    I am also aware that similar horrors are going on elsewhere, but because they don’t impact on the West, don’t get help, or coverage.

    1. Hopefully your back will recover. Awkward things backs. They haven’t evolved to do the jobs we are now making them do – ie. walking upright. There is also the fact that we are living long past our sell-by date.
      Most times they recover. It’s a bit of a blow when you know you’ve got something that will never improve – it’s for life. You just have to manage it.
      Put is the typical paranoid psychopath that we seem to like to elect. They come over as strong and decisive. We never learn.
      Our view of the world is pushed through a prism. We get to see and focus only on what we are directed to. There are many other perspectives.

  3. Oh sounds quite a pain from just sneezing. Both in the wars then. I am discovering how the Spanish system works with a shoulder injury. All part of a free public health system. So far xray the next day but as for how this proceeds.. Hope you get some recovery seems it all quite a slow process.

    1. Thanks for your concern. Sorry to hear you are suffering Georgina. This ageing process is a pain. I don’t like it. I don’t think this back will ever be completely right. That’s life. I hope the Spanish system works!
      How’s that book of yours doing?

      1. Thanks Opher, let us see how all these health systems work but at least they are there! The book, stuck on a list, pile at the publishers and as an Independent could take time. So not sure but had no luck with mainstream but did have an ‘industry assessment’ which suggested quite strongly it did not fit the criteria. An animal story for adults and young adults. Do not totally understand as so much is published about dogs and cats but this is about our relationship with wild creatures mostly through their point of view and journey. It is now in two parts to suit the young adult market for length!

      2. You have to be either lucky with publishing or already a celebrity I think. Best of luck.
        I hope the Spanish health system works for you!

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