Poetry – The Time Comes

I wrote this two years ago.

The Time Comes

Dictators fall.

Even tyranny has its limits.

Like a pressure cooker

With the heat turned up –

Something gives.

Oppression creates fear

But fear can rapidly change to fury

When a certain point

Is reached.

People crowd the streets

Encased in teargas clouds,

Facing down

The faceless goons.

Shields are thumped.

Adrenaline flows.

Rubber bullets fly.

Trained robots charge.

Batons thud on heads.

But if the people are united,

Determined and resolute

The regime falls.

Opher – 17.8.2020

No dictatorship lasts forever. Sooner or later they have to answer for the atrocities they have committed.

Thankfully we have the United Nations and international courts.

The tyrants and dictators, the torturers and warlords, can be brought to justice.

They are answerable for their crimes.

Regimes fall and those in the wrong are held to account!


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