The Corona Diaries – Day 731

I was hoping that I was going to feel better today but no. If anything I feel worse, tired, wrung out and muzzy, an annoying cough and congested sinuses. I received confirmation that I’m out of strict isolation! That indicates that I’m not likely to be very contagious even if I still feel crap. I’ll do another test tomorrow. There doesn’t seem much point in doing one today.

The good news is that Liz is feeling much perkier. She did a test and only had a very faint line. The bad news is that my younger son, Henry is feeling crap and has gone to bed. His test was negative but that does not necessarily mean anything.

I’m so glad I’m fully vaccinated. You can feel how quickly this could develop into something nasty. I was just talking to a friend whose son is working on the covid wards. He said that all the patients in the hospital were unvaccinated. I think that Trump and all those spreading the antivaxxer crap propaganda have something to answer for. I can’t believe how people are still taken in by that greedy arrogant grifter.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our clown is still pretending to be Churchill – with no luck. He’s got the obesity and slouch right though. The Wurzel Gummidge scarecrow look does not exactly give the appearance of a dignified, serious world leader. It’s like having a summit meeting with Coco the Clown prancing around or flying across the table on a zipwire.

You could say the clown is riding his luck. Getting the MET in when his goose was cooked saved his skin at the very last minute. Now he’s hoping to mesmerise us with distraction after distraction and that Putin and the Ukraine invasion will take up all the news headlines.

It’s a fine state of affairs when our clown becomes the first Prime Minister in the whole history of Britain (and there have been some shady crooks) to find himself under caution for a crime. His questionnaire was leaked. There were some awkward questions. I wonder if he’s going to lie on that form like he’s lied to the Queen, House of Parliament and the public. He most probably doesn’t know what truth means. He’s never told it in his life. He’ll go down in history as the lying Prime Minister. What an embarrassment.

There were 88 people questioned by police so it is going to be hard for Johnson to control what they say. How long does it take for the police to decide that he’s a lying bastard who broke the law and issue him with a penalty? Five minutes? Four? One?

Roll on the MET and Sue Gray reports. We’ll see what the public think about having a criminal as leader of the nation!!

All we see of him is silly photo op after photo up – in a bullet-proof vest (looking like a scruffy Billy Bunter) with the police busting county lines, sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet giving us the thumbs up. Why doesn’t the guy sit down in the studio and start leading – telling us why he’s doing everything?? I know why. It’s because he doesn’t know what he’s doing and can’t justify what is happening.

The Tories are desperately hoping that removing all restrictions will give them a bounce in the polls. That is what it is about. Nothing to do with science.

I hope that Sue Gray lets us finally see the back of this populist joker.

They say the levels of covid are falling but it doesn’t look like that to me – 41,353 new cases with another 205 deaths. And that’s with limited testing.

Testing kits will go on sale in April for as little as £1.99. A new vaccine by Sanofi claims to be 100% effective against serious illness.

Maybe, with the hospitals full of antivaxxers, we are witnessing natural selection in operation??

Wouldn’t it be good if by the time of the next US election there were no TRump supporters left???

Stay safe – remember this world is run by a bunch of greedy, self-serving madmen for the good of a very wealthy, powerful minority!! That’s why we ended up with Trump and Johnson!!

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