I’m Woke and PROUD!!!

I’ve been woke for sixty years!! I’ve spent my life fighting these selfish, greedy fascist bastards who are antiwoke!!

I despise racism!

I abhor slavery!

I have been fighting inequality and oppression in all its forms!!

I hate violence, war and exploitation.

I despise this hierarchical system and unfair society.

I’m WOKE!!

I’ve spent my life fighting against the colonial arrogance of the British Empire, the superior entitlement of the upper classes, the unjust wars and genocide.

I know that the USA was founded on the genocide of the Native Americans and the slavery of Africans.

I know that the British Empire was founded on arrogant racism and a sense of privilege and that those lands and people were exploited and plundered. I know that the spoils were brought back to provide an obscenely lavish lifestyle for an elite.

I’m woke!! I’M WOOOOOKKKKEEEE!!!!!!

I know that the wealthy elite have kept ordinary people in poverty and servitude for centuries while they felt they were entitled to a lifestyle that was beyond belief. I’ve seen the gilded palaces, sumptuous mansions with servants and plenty. I’ve seen the collections of art, the clothes and banquets and the complete disregard for those in slums with children playing in open sewers and starving. I’m not impressed.

I do not aspire to be like those heartless bastards.

I’m WOKE!!!

I am well aware that it is going on the same today all over the world. Those same greedy bastards are parking up their yachts at their luxury villas while kids are still dying in gutters.


I know that blacks, jews, Asians, Muslims, women and all manner of minorities are being discriminated against.

I’m Woke!!

I can see why the likes of the overprivileged Tories, like Oliver Dowden, Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak and Priti Patel, want to wage war on woke. They are part of the class that is exploiting us. They are the profiteers who think it’s OK to be earning billions out of other people’s poverty. They see nothing wrong with the racism and exploitation of the empire. They consider themselves superior and worthy and that’s how they want to keep it. That is why they have created a war on woke. They do not want any talk of genocide or exploitation. They want people to know their place.

So they are attacking the BBC, schools and the arts. They want to banish WOKE!!!

Too late!!

You can fool the majority but you can’t fool people who are woke. They see right through you and your sleazy corrupt ways!!

I’m Woke and I’m proud!

So if there are any people out there who think that racism, discrimination, slavery or exploitation are good then they can fuck off because this woke person stands firmly against all they stand for!!

I’m woke!!

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