The Corona Diaries – Day 730

This feels like a momentous day. I started writing these diaries exactly two years ago. We have just returned from a trip to Brazil, down the Amazon, an amazing experience. On our return in early February we discovered that there was talk of a virus. As the news progressed, coupled with my biological knowledge of viruses and pandemics we decided to isolate ourselves a week before the country went into lockdown. That was two years ago.

Little did I imagine that I would be writing this two years later. I imagined that the virus would burn itself out in a few months. I also imagined that we would probably go down with it and so I started this diary. I wanted to record what was going on around me and what it felt like to have Covid. I had to wait nearly two years for that.

I still have Covid.

My symptoms today are a slight muzziness, fatigue, a cough, occasional sneeze and a congested head. It’s more of an annoyance than anything more. My voice is croaky and I don’t feel right, but I don’t feel very ill either.

I am playing some Elmore James, reading I Married A Communist by Philip Roth and keeping myself busy with chores.

It’s all becoming tedious. I want to go out for a walk!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our resident clown is trying to be Churchill on the centre stage as Russia moves into the Ukraine. It’s rather like watching Charlie Chaplin wrestling a sabre-toothed tiger. I’m sure Putin is quaking. The rest of Europe is – but it’s with mirth.

Our clown has told us that Covid is over; all restrictions are lifted. A wiser nation, looking at the high number of cases, the Queen and oncoming variants, are not so sure. They, like me, think we’ve got a way to go yet. Despite what this fool is telling us we know that his management of Covid has been a litany of mistakes – unprepared, arrogantly complacent, panic, dumping patients into care homes, illegal contracts, useless apps, useless Track and Trace, locking down to later, opening up too early, making stupid announcements about world-beating failures, bringing in stupid schemes – back to work and eat out to help out, locking down too late, not sealing borders, allowing the Delta variant in……………….. If it hadn’t been for the scientists developing the vaccines and the valiant NHS delivering it we’d be in a right mess. As it is he still managed one of the worst records on the planet. Yet, like someone out of George Orwell’s 1984 he arrogantly crows about ‘I GOT COVID DONE!’ What a joke!! Everything he touched turned to shit – King Mudarse!

Are people stupid enough to fall for his crap?

He’s been crowing about ‘I GOT BREXIT DONE!!’ – look what a mess that is!! What he did was to push through an ill-thought-through disaster that is drowning us in red tape, causing mayhem at ports, costing us £30 billion a year, creating massive labour shortages and hitting us with tax rises and rising prices. Some bloody achievement!!

King Mudarse is hoping that shouting ‘I GOT COVID DONE!’ and removing all restrictions will make him incredibly popular again. His Tory minions and ogres are hoping for a bounce in the polls.

I suspect that they might be a little disappointed. Once people see that King Mudarse actually has no clothes, that instead of a statesman hey appointed a clown, I don’t think they’ll be able to see him any other way. The man is an incompetent blithering conman, deliberately ruffling his hair up, sticking union jacks up his arse while spouting schoolboy Latin to impress the plebs and then expecting world leaders to respect him.

Elect a clown and you get a clown – not a world leader.

I think a lot of people are beginning to rue their votes. They see through the rhetoric – Levelling up meaning shovelling cash into his chums’ pockets – just words words words – no end product!! In fact the very opposite of what he spouts!

This man is a nasty, greedy, incompetent Tory pretending to be a man of the people. He doesn’t give a shit about ordinary people. He treats them with contempt and thinks he can treat them like fools.

Huge tax rises, price rises, energy rises, petrol rises, national insurance rises, Partygate, Sleaze and Corruption – I think he’s dead in the water!!

So we go to war! Russia attacks Ukraine. We feed Ukraine arms. The danger is that it escalates. What a farce.

As Brexit descends into a mess, the UK looks to disintegrate, Covid staggers on and Europe is at war, we have the worst leader in the country’s history to get us through – HEEEEELLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

So, yesterday, in the pandemic that has ceased to be a pandemic, despite sporadic testing and unreliable data, there were either 34,377 new cases, or 49,205 new cases, or 47,685 new cases – depending on where you get your data. There were either 128 deaths, 30 deaths or 158 deaths.

Confusing eh? Pretty much what Boris Johnson wants – he likes confusion. Keep us in the dark – the mushroom theory. If he stops testing and there’s no reliable data he can spout what he likes.

I bet it will be something like:


Stay safe, I’m not celebrating yet. I’ve got covid!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 730

  1. Opher – They say truth will find a way to be heard, and it certainly didn’t take the clown long to reveal his true colours. For all the little puppy’s aggressive posturing and soundbites, when it came to imposing swift, hard-hitting sanctions on the Russians, BoJo was found severely wanting. Too afraid to impose wide-sweeping, impacting, sanctions on Russian money in the U.K – because he doesn’t want to lose Tory Party funding – the clown sanctions three banks and a couple of oligarchs, all of whom were already sanctioned by the U.S! The clown has by delaying sanctions allowed Russian money to be moved to safe-haven’s, where it undoubtedly sits earning tax-free interest, whilst dribbling into the Tory coffers. The truth is the Tories are funded by dirty money emanating from private wealth, and whilst BoJo may claim an escalating set of sanctions is ready to go, one wonders whether that will be as devastating as a summary charge for misbehavior.

    European leaders attempt to find unity and express a united front to the cameras and media demonizing Russia, but there is an argument to suggest that Russia are within its rights to protect its borders from NATO allied countries eager to expand its collective, eager to swell weapons in Europe, and all ultimately eager to be directed by the warmongering U.S, whose economy is reliant on weapons sales, and whose trade partnerships demand subservience. Could you imagine the U.S reaction if another country placed weapons of destruction on its borders and threatened its sovereignty? I’m also getting cheesed off with politicians who suddenly think they are experts on every subject from the pandemic to prophecy of Putin’s plans. These individuals, incompetent in their own jobs and failing in the eyes of the public, ask us to believe they are experts on the world stage. It is really quite absurd.

    Let’s be honest, BoJo doesn’t give a fig for anyone or anything outside of himself. His record in office is one of repeated lies, repeated failures, repeated U-turns, and repeated corruption. He is a sock-puppet to the demands of the Party’s donors. A more useless prime minister would be hard to come by: he is truly a world beating, dishevelled, lying, unkempt, hollow, dishonorable little man, of ignoble standing. A man quite happy to take cash-for access, break criminal law, break international law on trade and arms sales abroad, bring death to thousands through incompetence and design, and then brag about Tory policy’s success.

    As for Covid…it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves. If you can afford to buy test kits, and can afford to take sick leave, you’ll be fine. If you can’t then I suppose it’ll be a struggle. I read that care homes are likely to charge visitors for testing, which will impact on those within its walls whose relatives cannot afford regular testing. Clearly money is far more important than encouraging well-being and quality of life. A shameless, immoral government, led by a deceitful, money-grabbing charlatan. He is a fake P.M!


    Let’s hope, the outcome of Partygate, (the Met’s and Sue Grey reports) and the public inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic, will be the downfall of our dysfunctional clown and his cabinet of sycophantic fascists, whose form of governance is a threat to U.K democracy and freedoms such as the right to protest, and the right to free-expression.

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