The Corona Diaries – Day 723

Liz has gone down with Covid but I’m still testing negative. She’s OK but a bit bored and miserable – not feeling good. She’s the world’s worst patient!! (I’m second worst!). I don’t like feeling ill. I was feeling groggy at the weekend but I tested negative there too. Perhaps it’s just that I’m not very good at doing the test??

It impacted on my day. I stayed in and played some Nick Drake. Nice.

I’ve sent my Captain Beefheart book off and am feeling at a bit of a loose end, lacking in energy, lacking in enthusiasm. Can’t be asked to do anything – can’t even be bothered to read! I finished my Stephen King book yesterday. I do find him a very easy to read writer. He drags you in. I’ve now got two books in front of me – Jasper Fforde’s Lost in a Story and Haruki Murakami First Person Singular. I may do both at the same time. They’re bound to be very different.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, I remain amazed. Incredibly the Tories are rising in the polls. Labour are only six points clear. How can that be? The British people are too stupid, too gullible. How can anybody be taken in by Johnson??

I was listening to a programme about the USA, the Republican Party, Trump and QAnon. The eclipse of rational thought – more like the collapse of intelligence. We have all the world’s knowledge at our fingertips and yet fools choose to access porn, mindless garbage and conspiracy.

Paul Simon says in the Boxer that a ‘man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest’.

Somehow it is easier for some people to believe that alien, baby-eating lizards are running the world than to accept that Trump is a billionaire conman. One of those is obvious and one is farcical.

I think people have been watching too much ‘Game of Thrones’. They’ve lost touch with reality.

Here in the UK a court has found that Matt Hancock broke the law when he gave all those billions to Dildo Harding – not that anybody cares. He might have broken laws, lied, killed tens of thousands through stupidity and incompetence, wasted tens of billions – but he got covid done!!

Just like he got Brexit done – even if it breaks the country.

I give up on people. I feel like taking myself away from people – far far away – where I don’t have to witness their violence, cruelty and stupidity.

Everything just gets worse and worse. We’re condoning greed, lies and incompetence. We’re allowing the rich to destroy the planet for profit. It’s too depressing.

So yesterday, in the pandemic that is almost officially over there were 46,186 new cases with 234 deaths. Get back to work plebs! Die for your country!! Listen to the right-wing propaganda – Covid is a control conspiracy!

Djokovic is a lesson for us all. Give up on science and medicine – just dangle a clove of garlic around your neck.

It seems that Omicron does not give any protection against other strains! Ho hum!!

Stay safe!! We live in a world of greedy morons.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 723

  1. Liz has gone down with Covid. She’s OK.

    Great news, Opher! Now you too need to get it and recover from it. Then you’ll both be OK. It’s two years and one week today since I got fully recovered from the damned thing.

    Why are the Tories rising in the polls? Well, my guess is that it’s because a few Tories are starting, very gently as yet, to oppose the green agenda. Green policies – like forcing us out of our cars for no good reason – are becoming less and less popular, now that people are starting to see their implications.

    And if omicron doesn’t give protection against other strains, that might possibly be because the Chinese had a “whoops!” moment, and realized that sending the antidote (which they had already developed) around the world might be in their interests. You can accuse me of “conspiracy theory” – but aren’t all political organizations conspiracies?

    1. I think this is omicron and not too severe. Fortunately we are both triple jabbed otherwise this could be nasty. We’ll see how it goes!!
      Better following Green policies than having to deal with the immigration of 2 Billion displaced people, the wars and extreme weather, Neil.

  2. Opher – sorry to hear Omicron has not forsaken the missus. You’ve both done well to escape the virus thus far. I hope she’s on the mend soon.

    A successful outcome against Hancock that will do what exactly? Will it ensure open, fair, and transparent processes to appoint officials to senior roles? Will it stop partners of Tory politicians being given executive roles? What exactly is Hancock’s punishment for his actions? As much as the court win hints at success, in truth, it’ll likely change nothing: because the government regulates itself.

    I read today in the Guardian, of a Dorset Tory MP, Chris Loder, suggesting the police should not be investigating deaths of eagles in Dorset. This from an M.P who represents a constituency full of shooting estates and the homes of the landed gentry where wildlife crime is not a priority. Loder has said that eagles are not welcome in his constituency. I wonder if a Tory M.P – alleged to have received funds from a shooting estate – should actually be offering advice to the police not to uphold the law? And what of conflict of interests for serving politicians – why is his funding not being investigated? Whatever way you look at it, it’s dirty, grubby, politics.

    Blue-veined mini-Tory Starmer is losing in the polls because he is not offering any viable alternative to the Tories. He has no charisma, no effective policies, no passion (other than being the establishment’s flag-draping darling) no vision, and no regard for socialist principles. Many don’t even think he opposes, with any sense of genuine determination, Tory ideology. Could that be because he’s a Blairite (and Mandelson puppet). We can’t even be sure who is actually funding Labour anymore. What he is perceived at being good at is: using spurious, backhanded, and discriminatory methods to cajole, pressure, or dismiss many thousands of core members into leaving Labour; disenfranchising union support and funding; and being consistent in his never-ending condemnation of Corbyn. I think he’s on a personal crusade to destroy the Labour Party from the inside out.

    Perhaps the time is right to set-up a new political party?

    ‘Everything just gets worse and worse. We’re condoning greed, lies and incompetence. We’re allowing the rich to destroy the planet for profit. It’s too depressing.’ – It was suggested in a Guardian article written recently, that in the U.S (2-3 years ahead of us) it is actually the top 1% of the richest 1% who are the major donors to U.S political parties. The suggestion is that governance – and policy – is biased for their financial benefit. indeed, a Democratic progressive has readily suggested that democracy in the U.S will be dead in 10 years. It is likely, fascism, and fascist states will undoubtedly fill the void. Ownership of wealth by a very small minority funding politics will be the determining factor. Whilst private money underpins policy-making, the world will suffer: the divide between those who have and those who don’t will grow ever larger. Here in the U.K, we’ve had Lord Faulks speak out about how No.10 lent on him to stop his anti-money laundering measures (predominantly in London) when May was in power. Evidence, if any were needed that the U.K government surely operates under similar influences to the U.S.

    Still no appearance by Vallance or Whitty! I wonder why they’re being kept away from commenting publicly on the Pandemic/Endemic?

    Still waiting on the Met’s report! It appears the clown will suggest his innocence by alleging his impromptu, accidental, non-participatory attendance at parties was part of the normal working day: the distinction between home and office a grey area to be exploited. One wonders how the Met will respond to his written statement, and indeed how Tory M.P’s will respond to yet another diminishing of the law by the lying, shameless, dishonorable P.M? Perhaps Cummings waits until the clown reveals his position publicly before further evidence is leaked to the press? The public inquiry into the governments handling of the Pandemic cannot come soon enough.

    A depressing state of affairs across the globe Opher. But, and I think you’d agree, if it only takes 1% of the world’s population to seed change in the mindset of all people, then possibility of global change is still alive.


    1. Hopefully this covid will be light – we are both triple vaccinated.
      These Tories break the law and nothing happens? Incredible? They should be in court like any other lawbreaker.
      These backhanders are plain corruption. The Tories care nothing for nature!!
      The Tories are impervious to the law. They do as they like with impunity.
      You’re dead right about Starmer. Oh for a decent leader. Andy Burnham??

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