Poetry – To be a Hero

To be a Hero

You don’t need muscles to be a hero,

Nor guns or violent ways.

You just need gloves

And a face mask

To deserve a lot of praise.

You do not have to shoot people

Or to beat them up

To show that you are brave.

You just need to care for the sick,

To help them to avoid the grave.

You can’t fight a virus with a gun.

The battlefield is in a ward.

The brave are on that front line

Of that we are in accord!

Opher – 30.3.2020

It was very salutary to see the American reaction to the virus – they went out and bought guns! It’s as if the idea of a society of neighbours helping each other is an anathema. They can only see rampaging hordes coming to take what is theirs!

That’s a sad state of affairs!

In Europe, after centuries of gruesome wars, I think we’ve finally become more civilised.

America still has that feel of the Wild West. Every man for himself and the weakest go to the wall!! The macho posturing.

Yet whenever there is a terrorist act abroad all these macho types disappear into the woodwork!!

The true heroes are those working on the frontline – caring for people, delivering, nursing, serving – risking their lives to help others! They don’t need guns, posturing or macho bullshit!!

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