The Corona Diaries – Day 696

Fabulous day for mid-January. Ridiculous! Blue sky and the sun felt warm. If it wasn’t for the coldish air it could have been summer. And there are still people who deny there is any global warming!!

We went to Scarborough (no fair) to have a walk around the castle and down into the harbour. It was great to be able to eat fish and chips outside without feeling cold!!

Back home I’ve been editing the Captain Beefheart book and playing some White Stripes!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our lying clown is really in the mire. I think the trough has fallen over. All the greedy profiteers are trampling him into the shit as they frantically look for a way of preserving their gravy train.

Johnson is now a liability. The ship is sinking. They are twelve points behind.

All this feels Dillingerish to me. Johnson has committed lie after lie, has presided over unbelievable sleaze, has been a thoroughly spoilt entitled prick, has been amazingly inept, blatantly self-serving and has got away with murder.

People have excused him the lousy Brexit deal, the tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, the philandering, the wallpaper, holidays and blathering. They even find his lawbreaking endearing. Dillinger was a murdering gangster but was brought down for tax evasion. Johnson has been unbelievably incompetent, greedy, lying and lawbreaking but is being brought down by a party.!

It’s risible.

One wonders if a similar thing might happen with Trump – some unforeseen trivia that will finally burst the bubble so that the TRumpists wake up to see what a lying, conniving, self-server the incompetent twat has been.

We’ll see!!

I must check what is currently happening with that nasty piece of work Bolsonaro. If he had his way he’d flatten the whole Amazon jungle just to fill his bank account.

Hopefully the world will eventually right itself and these extreme fascist populists will be consigned to history.

It’s not a nice place at the moment. Trump is dumping democracy and heading for fascist tyranny. China is quietly spreading its influence. Russia is on the verge of war.

Mind you, I don’t think Putin is entirely wrong on this. As soon as the USSR broke up NATO was very quick to move in there. We saw the American response when Russia tried to set up missile sites in Cuba. They were prepared to start a third world war. Putting missile sites on the border of Russia is no different. This is a power game and the USA is not blameless.

What a mess we humans make. We’re meant to be intelligent. It seems that intelligence is soon trumped by greed and lust for power.

We take heaven and transform it into hell so that a tiny minority can have more than they can possibly ever need. Madness.

So, we have a Save The Big Dog policy coming into force. Yesterday, in typical Orwellian doublespeak, we were told that the virus is decreasing sufficiently to allow Plan B to end next week. That is on the day when the virus incidence went up 14,000 to 108,069 new cases with 359 more deaths.

Now, I am not an expert on language but a decrease to me means something going down in numbers, not up!! Something going up by 14,000 is a big increase!

Is this some new use of language?? Are we inventing new meanings?

Or is this lying Boris making a political decision in a desperate attempt to gain some popularity. He’s in a nosedive and needs to pull out before he hits the ground and messes his hair up!!

They’re chucking out ballast. The BBC, immigrants and Plan B.

Next week they throw out the red meat and massacre the Number 10 crew!!

Meanwhile the true criminals go free!!

Stay Safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 696

    1. It’s a balance Neil. If there is a high level of prevalence of the virus unlocking, creating more mixing, will provide a springboard for the virus to spread. If at the wrong time it could cause a big surge.
      This is purely a political decision to help save Johnson’s hide.

      1. Well Opher, it may be a balance, but it’s an uneven balance. The reason the SAGE “advisors” have been so pro-lockdown, at least until last summer when Javid (who is reasonably numerate, and also because of his financial background understands risk) took over, was that if they recommend too little lockdown, they may get blamed for the consequences. But if they recommend more lockdown than is actually necessary, it’s the politicians that will get the flak, not them. That creates a culture of over-caution within the establishment technocracy. Exactly the same is apparent over the “global warming” issue.

      2. Politicians are only concerned with power. They don’t care about deaths or suffering – as long as they gain popularity.

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