The Corona Diaries – Day 689

Temperature zoomed up to 7 degrees today!! The sun shone!! I walked along the front at Bridlington.

Back home I’m trying to sort out a transfer for energy – Gas and Electricity. Seems to be a two-day job with hours on the phone!! What a waste of time!! It used to be easy. All this privatisation has succeeded in making everything more complicated and expensive.

I’m also doing some work on the Captain Beefheart book. All good stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, they are all picking on poor Johnson!! Although distracted by the dancing girls and a bit woozy from the bubbly and wine he was convinced that the thirty of them were having nothing more than a working meeting. The sort of thing that happened regularly.

‘It’s jolly tough work telling everyone that it is illegal to meet with more than one person outside!! One needs to bally-well unwind!! What better way to unwind than to invite a hundred people around with nibbles and ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ for a business meeting?’

‘Errr gosh, golly, It’s a shame that all the people who were bust by the police, hmmmmphh, or wanted weddings and jolly old funerals didn’t use the same ploy!!

Ha – More fool them!! Amo amas amat!!

Then there was that little ruling that unfairly said that those untendered contracts awarded to their chums were illegal!! Whatever!! Huh!! It was only billions!! Pretty much like the Masons do every day! Just on a bigger scale!

What on earth can be wrong with giving billions to your friends? That’s what the Tory Party was set up to do!! How can that be wrong??

Fortunately the legal ruling on the criminal awarding of contacts has been hidden up with the scandal of parties.

Bit of a whiff going on here!!

It’s not every day that you get found out for lying to parliament, lying to the electorate, carrying out criminal gatherings and illegally dispensing millions of pounds to family and friends! That’s probably a first for any British Prime Minister!

Resigning matter?? No way.

I just hope that those minging backbenchers don’t send in lots of nasty letters to Brady and have him kicked out. Johnson is the best thing the Labour Party’s got going for them!

So, yesterday, the number of cases was down to a mere 129,587!! Yippee!! At the same time the number of deaths jumped up to 398!!

The government thinks that’s an acceptable number!! What’s a few tens of thousand here and there – as long as they aren’t Tory voters!!

They say we can ride out the Omicron storm. It’s a pussy cat (with a vicious infected scratch for a few!)

One bit of good news is that Matt Hancock has caught it!! Yes!! Great eh??

Antivaxxers around the world are continuing to fight for more death!! They are doing great in the USA where they managed to get the infection rate to double in just a week!!

So as they still debate whether or not the virus started in a Chinese lab – and really don’t like to offend the Chinese – who are a bit touchy – we head off into more uncertainty.

What will the next variant be like? Has the next pandemic started up somewhere in the world? And was ‘Don’t Look Up!’ a realistic portrayal of Trumpists and their stupidity and incompetence!!

QAnon rules!!! Conspiracy replaces rationality! Imbeciles replace experts!

We continue to be ruled by greedy, lying morons!!

Stay Safe!!!

10 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 689

  1. I was eager for meltdown and implosion from the panto P.M but instead had to settle for wilting and withering beneath the House spotlight. His faux-contrition, half-arsed apology, and pitiful excuse did not sate the public’s anger at his betrayal of trust. It’s right he should feel electrocuted by public anger.

    Sue Gray is placed in the most unenviable of positions, although surely sufficient evidence will gather, has gathered, to warrant the MET pursuing inquiries in her stead, and yet, how interesting it would be to be a fly on the wall as Gray carries out her investigation!

    In all sincerity, the Tories should simply do the decent thing and oust the clown now. Some may think otherwise, but seriously, i’d like to see him gone from public office. The public are either incensed or despairing of brand Boris.

    Today in the Commons, with little else to do except get the ball in the back of an open Tory goal, Starmer played well enough in the dispatch box to break the BoJo defense and bag a winner. I also noted the House was stuffed full today with MP’s, all there perhaps to witness a televised roasting.

    Great news from the Good Law Project. How does such a ruling impact the government? Will tax payer’s get their money back from unscrupulous vendors of PPE? (This a quote from the Mirror article linked below: Health Minister Lord Bethell said £2.8bn worth of (stock PPE bought during the pandemic) has been found to be unusable by the NHS.) About the cost of 5 hospitals.

    On a different note, what thoughts do you have on the Prince Andrew civil case. Legal experts say Duke of York has ‘no good options left’ given risks of either giving evidence in court or in settling. If he settles, who might indeed pay the settlement?

    Enjoy your eve.



    1. Of course, they should all do the decent thing, but when has that ever happened under Boris Johnson?
      Personally, I think that the whole party should resign. Their ridiculous Brexit deal – so ineptly negotiated and so disastrous; their incompetent handling of Covid – Both of those are worthy of mass resignations. Add to that the greed, sleaze and profiteering!!
      But, perversely I want Boris to stay. I want this to get as nasty and messy as possible and do immense damage to the Tories!!
      That pile of PPE is just a symptom of their illegal untendered awarding of contracts to chums. Disgusting!!
      As regards Prince Andrew – well the whole bunch of them are as bad as each other – establishment parasites and hypocrites. They put on a public face and behave differently behind locked doors. The Establishment (aristocrats and wealthy businessmen) are a controlling cesspit. I’d do away with all of them. I’ve no doubt that Prince Andrew was in with Maxwell and Epstein for the girls. What else could it have been?

      1. Good to see Epstein’s royal friend stripped of all but his shirt and title, which in light of growing public feeling must surely be removed in due course as well. Seems the Queen is ruthless with her own (to protect the reputation of the ‘firm’) but is seemingly far less enthusiastic about protecting the U.K’s international and national reputation from the incompetent, mendacious, rule-breaking PM and his sycophantic cohorts. She has the power to remove him but has not yet done so. One wonders why as head of state she is not moved to uphold standards of integrity, honesty, lawfulness and and appropriateness in her government.

        Perhaps the Queen is waiting on Sue Gray’s report before acting in the U.K’s best interests. lol


      2. It is heartening to see. The ‘firm’ is ruthless.
        Can she sack the government? Does she have the power? That would be great!!
        Sue Gray has got a lot hanging on her report. I bet she’s getting her ear bent and her pension fund topped up!! Luckily Johnson knows her well.

      3. Well, from what I understand, it may be possible for the Queen to fire BoJo, but only if the PM refused to step down following a vote of no confidence. This would only happen if the House of Commons indicated clearly who should be appointed as prime minister in his place.

        The last time a monarch sacked the P.M in Britain was in 1834 by King William IV. It is alleged that the Queen sought legal council over dismissing the P.M in 2019. In hindsight she must be kicking herself that she didn’t!

        We can but hope Lizzy will celebrate her jubilee with an honorable act.

        There are those who suggest Sue Gray might give notice should BoJo seek to diminish, manipulate, or dismiss her findings. She has an unenviable job.


      4. I would love to see Johnson suffer the ignominy of being sacked by the Queen!! He deserves it for his lies and incompetence.
        Only good reason to have a Queen in my book – for sacking lying, sleazy Tories.
        I don’t know much about Sue Gray and whose pocket she might be in. The irony is that she has to report to Johnson and he decides whether to report himself!!
        Maybe he’ll sack himself without realising!

      5. I like your thinking. An attractive proposition for all networks!! Just what the country needs!! Followed by a ceremonial castration of the cabinet with the Queen’s sword!!

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