The Corona Diaries – Day 688

It was much warmer here in Yorkshire. We went for a walk into Driffield for a coffee and scone! I came back and have alternated between working on my room and editing my Captain Beefheart book.

Another busy day.

A third of the way through dreaded January. Days are slowly drawing out. I’m already looking ahead to warmer times, lazy summer days, bright sunshine!! I don’t like winter. It’s cold!! Dark!! Dreary!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the farce continues. It’s like a Marx Brothers production perversely with a shabby circus clown playing Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin with the Marx Brothers – what next?

The revelations keep coming. The Tories had hoped that Christmas would have dispelled all their problems. Not to be. Not only was Johnson holding another party in his back garden with invites to a hundred people and instructions to ‘Bring A Bottle’ on the same day that he was telling the nation they could only meet outside with one other and instructing police to break up gatherings and fine people, but Sue Gray, the person appointed to investigate the parties, was invited.

That should be easy then. She should know if there was a party if she had received an invite!! I wonder if she went? It seems that Johnson and Carrie did!

You know it’s not really the party or the lies that is the main problem; it’s the attitude. What does it reveal when on the same day that they are instructing us that, by law, we can only meet with ONE other person outside, they are planning and holding a wine and cheese gathering for up to 100??

It says a number of things to me. Firstly that they treat us with utter contempt. Secondly that they really believe that they are above the law, that the law only applies to the little people and they are exempt. Thirdly that they think they can get away with anything.

One question keeps popping into my head – why now?? Why did all those 100 people (60 of whom apparently did not go. Some of whom questioned the legality of the party?) not think to leak it to the press or tell the police?? Or did they and it was ignored??

It brings into question a number of other things. Is Sue Gray (an invitee) the right person to bring in to investigate?? Or was she brought in to cover it up?? Are they going to get away with claiming this was a (Bring A Bottle) working meeting – held outside for safety reasons?

It looks like, under the Big Top that serves as Number 10 Downing Street, the circus is winding up. We have reports mounting about Wallpaper, Donors, Lobbying, Second Jobs, Lawbreaking, Sleaze and Parties.

Life under Boris Johnson was never going to be serious, was it? He doesn’t do serious. He doesn’t do reading up or looking at details either! Too much like hard work. He prefers party time – wine women and maybe even a bit of song. Sprogs all over the place, drunken rows, hangovers and making it up as he goes along.

He’s the Prime Minister of the zip-wire, the clown in charge, but is he any use dealing with the likes of Iran, Russia, America or China? As much use as dog piss on a lamp post!

This bloke has his finger on the nuclear bomb. He’s the sort of bloke who would press it just to see what it did.

He’s been presiding over Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic. No wonder everything is in such a mess!! He hasn’t a clue!!

His answer to every crisis is to disappear and wait for it to blow over or to be seen dressed up in some stunt or other where he can’t be questioned – like an obese copper in ill-fitting body armour on a drugs raid, distracting people from what is really going on!

Heaven help us!!

Mind you, I want him to stay!! He’s the best reason to vote Labour!!

Having said that, his days are numbered. Rishi, the billionaire ponce, is waiting in the wings. People will love him and his smarmy entitled smile. It’ll take people a year or two to work out that he’s from the same smug, arrogant camp – a typical greedy Tory.

So, yesterday, there were another 120,821 new cases – good news!! Maybe it has passed its peak??? Maybe??

But there were 379 more dead and a rise in hospital cases.

Looks like the old and vulnerable are catching it and the two-week lag is working its way through. Way to go yet.

Plan B is working (hide and do nothing).

Stay Safe!!! Summer will soon be here!! (If we make it to summer).

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 688

  1. Opher, I got the COVID stats this morning and fed them into my magic spreadsheet for the UK. There isn’t enough data to be sure yet – give it till Friday is my current line. But down to 121K today is a big drop. And hospital occupancy shows, if not a drop yet, at least a significant lowering of the rate of increase.

    As to “Sue Gray,” doesn’t this show that the “civil servants” are just as corrupt as the politicians?

    1. I’m sure the civil servants are just as greedy as the politicians!!
      Let’s hope it’s on the wane. I wouldn’t be too hopeful though!!

      1. Opher, I think there is already evidence that COVID as we know it is on the wane. It’ll be a waaaiii…ne, though. But the greed of “civil servants” is something else.

      2. It is possible that we will soon move back to some kind of normality – but there will always be a price to pay.
        The worrying thing is the level of hospital admissions and deaths. Still much too high.

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