Boris Johnson’s Parties

The arrogance of holding parties in his back garden on the same day as instructing police to arrest us for doing far less!!

The sheer audacity!!

We’re in lockdown and they are partying!!

Not only that but they appoint Sue Gray to investigate and she was one of those 100 invited to the party!!

Beggars belief!!

6 thoughts on “Boris Johnson’s Parties

  1. Opher – a very powerful, viscerally moving image. Poignant and haunting.

    The U.K public have every right to feel rightful anger at such audacious betrayal of trust (we are in this together bs), and such show of contempt for rules.

    I’ve not seen any reports suggesting Sue Gray was invited to the BOYB by Reynolds in his 100 person circular. I’ve seen video of Ian Blackford (SNP) ask about top civil servants attending the 20th May party – to which no answer was given (1). By all accounts Gray is a thorough and tenacious investigator not given to interference. In the interests of the U.K, and for the greater good, we can but hope her deliberations, cogitations and digestions conclude the greasy piglet is bacon.


    (1) –

      1. One can hope justice will prevail. I see no where for him to hide. Despite Reynolds email, pound to a penny BoJo will perpetuate the lie and continue to suggest there were no parties, only gatherings. We shall find out soon enough.

        If would be hypocrisy of the worst kind if the Met didn’t investigate the parties. I also think explanation is required as to why no police officers, nor No.10 raised the alarm over the parties taking place.

        Given the number of parties held at No.10, I’m sure BoJo’s leaving do will be good.


      2. I rather hope he stays!! I’m prepared to put up with two more years of lies, arrogance and incompetence to be shot of the Tories for decades to come. Johnson the clown is a liability! Keep the clown in office!!

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