The Corona Diaries – Day 376

What a weird day. The final day of 2021. Another strange year. It was 16 degrees in Yorkshire!! It’s been colder in Summer!

A year of right-wing populism caused mayhem with its division and nastiness. All that’s in their heads is how to make money at any cost. They undermine experts, ridicule scientists, disparage the news. They spread conspiracy and sow lies. Everything is fake news except their own version of the truth. They seek to stir up hate so that they can divide and rule.

So Covid is a conspiracy.

Global Warming is a contrick.

Vaccines are poison.

The tragic loss of Biodiversity is a nonsense.

Guns are good.

All immigrants are thieving rapists.

Muslims are terrorists.

We have Bolsonaro burning down the Amazon for profit.

Trump opening up national parks for mining, building walls, fracking and supporting oil and coal – for profit.

Johnson getting Brexit done – for profit.

Modi stirring up Hindu extremism – for profit.

Erdogan stirring up Muslim extremism and opposing Kurds – for profit.

Oban stoking hatred against immigrants – for profit.

How much have these Tories and their cronies made out of Covid and Brexit?? Billions!!

Everything is about power and wealth!!

Meanwhile, the pollution is building up, creatures are becoming extinct, the world is heating up, inequality grows, austerity looms and these populist leaders ride off into the sunset with saddlebags loaded with loot.

But, maybe in 2022, the tide will turn and people begin to realise that they’ve been taken for a ride. The division and hatred have created a far worse situation. Brexit is bollocks. The wall was bollocks. Global warming and mass extinctions are real. That these politicians all lied. That Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Modi, Oban and Erdogan were evil lying rogues robbing us blind.

Perhaps we’ll turn away from division, hate, walls and isolation and start to think globally or unity, compassion and concern for nature??

I bloody hope so!!

So here’s to hope, love, peace and compassion!! Here’s to a better world!!

Perhaps we can start to elect people who aren’t self-serving psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists??? Who knows??

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our hapless clown is completely hamstrung, dithering about as usual. While Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the rest of Europe all take action as the virus is spiralling out of control, we carry on like headless dodos, pretending that everything is fine!!

The problem is that Johnson is gambling again. He knows his future is in severe jeopardy. His poll ratings are through the floor. Everybody knows he is an incompetent liar. His backbenchers, who saw him as a popular election winner, now see him as a liability. People now see him for the twerp he is. Brexit is a disaster. Covid is a disaster. The self-serving sleaze is now apparent. His bubble has burst. He thinks that by giving us all Christmas and New Year he is doing us a favour and will be popular. He won’t. It was just a bit of stupid populist thinking. We will pay for it big time!! He knows that the rabid loonies of the ERG backbenchers won’t support him. They don’t care about bodies building up. All they care about is making money. Brexit and Covid have been a bonanza for them. Some of them have made millions. They want the economy open at all costs!

Johnson is so weak he’ can do nothing!

So, yesterday it is quite apparent that Covid is well out of control. There were 189,846 new cases with 332 deaths. The hospitals are seeing significant increases with admissions up 66% on last week. With the lag after mixing at Christmas, and the lag after mixing at New Year, the lag between getting the virus, getting ill, needing hospitalisation and then subsequent death, I think we can see a major crisis looming!!

Good old Dithery Boris!! How many has he killed now?? Where’s the leadership?? Why aren’t we being told to follow some basic guidelines on ventilation, distancing and masks??

He’s put all his eggs in the vaccine basket. It worked well for him earlier; I don’t think it’s going to work a second time!!

2022 might just see the end of Boris, Bolsonaro and hopefully some other populist liars!!

Stay Safe!! 2022 gleams with a brighter light!!

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