The Corona Diaries – Day 367

Back home again!! We’ve been over to the other side of the country to visit with our oldest son wife and grandchildren! It was a kind of early Christmas. We’re not having everyone over for Christmas so we are seeing all the kids separately. Seems to work and feels a bit safer. Even though we are triple vaxxed we are not taking too many chances. It’s all about weighing up the risks.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Johnson is keeping his head down (paternity leave and Christmas proves very useful!). He’s hoping that if he keeps quiet then all the problems simply go away. It’s been a highly successful tactic of his. The Tory theory is that we are all fools with short memories and his charismatic, cheeky image will see him through.

It obviously works with the ‘I Like Boris’ brigade of halfwits. I do get the distinct impression that they are beginning to see through him and have realised that behind that tousled hair and soundbites there is a devious, cynical chancer who is taking them for a ride.

No surprise to me. He’s always been a prize twat. It wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t so absolutely useless with it – all soundbites and empty promises at best – nasty lies and scheming arrogance.

So yesterday there were 106,122 new cases with 172 deaths. The Omicron cases rose by 13,106 to 69,147.

The unvaccinated are filling the hospitals. Silly fools.

Everywhere is locking down but it’s party time in England!! Is that just so the Tories can have their parties without castigation??

Self-isolation is being brought down from 10 days to 7 days.

The death rate going up is not good but it seems that the Omicron is not as nasty as the Delta, but only a little bit better!!

The right-wing ERG are dictating policy now. Johnson is emasculated and they have no opposition…….. yet. It’s every person for themselves. Money comes first!!

We’ll how it all goes!!!

The good news is that there is another vaccine on the horizon that threatens to provide immunity against all variants and SARS. That sounds great!!

Long live vaccination!! Here’s to science!! (Sure beats all those conspiracists on the web – the flat-earthers, biblical nutters and fourteen-year-old fake newsers). Long live science, rationality and common sense!!

Stay safe!!

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