The Tories said we could have our cake and eat it – now they are stuffed and voters are hungry.

Rafael Behr

This article in the Guardian sums up the whole mess created by Boris Johnson and his band of Rabid ERG nutcases.

These profiteering chancers, with their racist/xenophobic nationalism, have been bleeding the country dry, lying through their teeth, promising the earth, delivering nothing and walking off with the loot.

Apart from being seriously demented they have been cynically devious. In order to get their crackpot agenda through they ousted anybody who disagreed – the rational Tories were kicked out (Rory Stewart, Ken Clarke, Heseltine, Hammond etc) or side-lined, opposition, such as the BBC, was loaded with xenophobic Tories or ostracised, and they set about pouring out propaganda and falsehoods through their media channels. All the problems created by their extreme policies (Covid deaths, damaged economy, Fishing, Agriculture, HGV, NHS, Education, Northern Ireland, empty shelves, red-tape, tariffs, energy costs, Care sector, Petrol price increases, cost of living……) was all due to ‘global forces’, The EU being awkward, Russia, China, antibrexiteers, lefties, Covid.

The reality is that they and their cronies are making a mint out of the situation.

Most of these problems are the direct result of their lousy policies!

They have run down public services and then complain that nurses, doctors, teachers and carers are not performing.

They run down the Care System and then complain that the system is broke.

They look at rising crime, backlogs in the courts and pretend it’s nothing to do with cuts to police, cuts to youth services and cuts to education.

For twelve years they have imposed austerity on the poor, cut education, health, police, armed forces, council funding, libraries, youth services and throw their hands up in the air when society starts breaking down.

They deliberately create the hardest Brexit possible and blame the EU when it doesn’t work.

They impose a hostile environment driving out doctors, nurses, HGV drivers, teachers, carers, caterers and the like and wonder why everything starts to collapse.

Meanwhile, they are raking in millions through investments, lobbying and second jobs.

Their lies and promises have come to nothing. People are beginning to see them as the profiteering pigs they have always been.

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