The Corona Diaries – Day 628

So much warmer now!! I’ve been working on my room – sawing wood, screwing brackets, measuring and sanding. It’s knackering!! I haven’t even had time for a walk!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our resident clown is continuing to blunder, botch, lie and cynically scapegoat his way through crisis after crisis.

The Tories are using their usual tactic of avoidance. Don’t turn up for interviews. Don’t answer questions. Don’t allow yourself to be questioned.

‘No member of the government was available for comment!!’ No wonder – they know their actions don’t stand up to scrutiny!! They are either illegal, incompetent or immoral.

They’ve had twelve years of stuffing our money in their pockets and they’ve got away with murder. I think that a lot of people are beginning to see through them.

This is not a Tory Party – It’s much worse than that. They kicked out anybody who had the slightest modicum of competence and morality – goodbye Rory Stewart, Ken Clarke! Major, Heseltine and Brittan were bad enough. This lot are fifty times worse. A bunch of extremists, populist nationalists – half of who are rabidly barking mad, led by an overgrown public schoolboy chancer. It’s like Billy Bunter has taken over the country with the Nazi Party in the shadows. The populists have taken over. It’s the same in the States where the Trumpist nutjobs have ousted any modicum of sanity from the Republican Party. This lurch to the extreme right is quite scary!! They think they are above the law and if they don’t like something merely change the laws accordingly or break the law. They are so used to lying that it has become second nature. Anyone who opposes them is labelled a leftie and pilloried. They wage war against any institution that opposes them. The BBC is being taken over and threatened.

This is the model for a right-wing tyranny. I hope people wake up soon!!

So, yesterday there were another 54,661 new cases (48,071 on the government site!!) with another 52 deaths. Omicron is surging out of control!! Dido is probably basking in the sun spending some of the millions she has earned from our fabulous Track and Trace system. £37 billion well spent. It’s certainly working with Omicron isn’t it?? The fastest spreading variant on record!!

So the government, looking like the frightened rabbits they are, have been sent into panic mode!! They’ve been caught out being stupid once again.

Irreversible relaxation is now being reversed. It’s terrifying!! It’ll cost them votes!! If they get voted out of office that could cost them millions!!! They need to be in power to keep shovelling the cash into their pockets!! – Or at least the pockets of their cronies.

If they lockdown before Christmas they’ll be in trouble. Oh how the fear sets in!! I can almost see the pound signs flashing in their eyes like jackpots on a one-arm bandit!

Omicron has gone up 1576 to 4713!! Jarvid says its running at 200,000 a day!! There was one case in hospital yesterday and ten today!! We’ve had a death!!

Fear fear fear – what if they are forced to cancel Christmas??? It’ll cost them dearly!!

Doesn’t matter what happens to people – it’s the power and the cash that counts!!

In a mad rush they ordered the NHS to dish out a million boosters a day!! I can see this all going pear-shaped like every one of Johnson’s wondrous announcements – from apps to moonshot – pie in the sky!!

What a twerp!! It is really like having Coco The Clown in charge!!

It’ll all be great tomorrow Folks!!

Well it might be. The news from South Africa is that this variant may not be as lethal!! We’ll see.!!

Good luck with the circus!! Stay Safe!!

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